The Future of Netflix

Written by Rebecca Oldham. Media by Rebekah Dothager.


Netflix was established in 1997 and since then it has risen to an all-time high, becoming one of the biggest video streaming companies ever. It is known worldwide for its vast library of TV shows and movies and in recent years it has become even bigger by bringing us Netflix Originals such as Orange is the New Black and House of Cards. In 2015, it picked up several shows that had been dropped by their networks to become a part of the Netflix Original family such as Longmire.

Moving into 2016 Netflix has a wide variety of shows coming to its Netflix Original family such as the much anticipated Fuller House. It will also be looking at updating the High Definition on some of their TV shows along with a few select movies. They will be updating it to the 4K UHD. It is also been stated in a Variety article that Netflix will surpass some of the biggest broadcasting networks such as ABC, NBC, CBS, and Fox in the coming year. According to writer Todd Spangler from Variety, Netflix will attain the largest 24-hour audience compared to these networks according to Wall Street Analyst firm. He also stated that “When consumers were asked if they had to choose between Netflix and a cable or satellite TV subscription, 57% picked Netflix, with 43% opting for pay TV, according to a survey FBR conducted with ClearVoice Research in April.” Looking to the future Netflix is expected to expand, within its library, its Netflix Originals, and the countries that it streams to.

We wanted to find out what Greenville College students thought of Netflix and what you would like to see from Netflix in the near future. Whether you are using Netflix from a family member’s account, a roommate’s account, or your own account, binge watching Netflix can seem like one of the most consistent things in our college life. We have all done it at least once. We fall in love with a TV show and we just can’t stop watching, or we like to spend a night hanging out with some friends and watching a movie. Netflix is where we go as college students. So what would you like to see from Netflix?


Caleb Hall, one of our fellow students, stated that in the “Future Netflix should expand their classic movie archive, based on popular polling as well as critics like Rotten Tomatoes and IMDb.” This seems like a great idea, considering there are some very popular movies that are put on Netflix and then others that were never even in theaters. Though, these additions aren’t a bad thing as sometimes these movies can be just as good as the major franchise movies. Although sometimes it seems like Netflix can lack movies that fans call for. Lauren Stephenson agrees, stating: “I think it would be better if they added more popular/relevant movies instead of all those that no one actually watches.”

Beca Bailey and Caitie Opp both stated that they would like Netflix to upload new series faster. This has been a big complaint for many years. This can also be one of the things holding Netflix back from being one of the best streaming networks because not only do they have to compete with Networks like HBO and ABC, but they also have to compete with Amazon Prime and iTunes. Amazon will allow you to buy the season and download it as the season is airing, as well as iTunes. Buying is not always what one wants to do, but it can seem like the fastest option at the time for those fans who just can’t wait. If Netflix could find some way to upload the TV shows right after they finish airing the season, or even after the episode airs, they would gain better ratings and more viewers.

So what do you think of Netflix and where it should be heading in the coming future? Let us know!

Graphic by: Bekah Dothager


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