Wayfarer Meets Greenville-Plus Nate Bjorge

Written by Kristen Davis. Media by Thomas Hajny. [divide]

The lights go down. The sound of guitar strums echo through the dimly lit room as a spotlight focuses on Nate Bjorge, a senior here at Greenville College. The Nate Bjorge band (including Max Gensler, Devin Chaney, Bryson Buehrer, and Trey Brockman) and Wayfarer played a show on Saturday night in the Blackroom. Although Nate Bjorge is well known on Greenville’s campus, Wayfarer was a new name heard through the grapevine.

Source: Max Ginsler
Source: Max Gensler

Senior, Max Gensler, is the lead singer for Wayfarer, accompanied by Adrian Medriano on guitar, Nate Long on bass, and David Zabilka on drums. The band formed in May of 2014 and has since then written 9 songs, and created two albums. Recently, they have recorded their second album. When Gensler was asked what advice he would give to students at Greenville, he responded, “just do what you love.” Having played in Nate’s band and also listening to Wayfarer perform, Trey Brockman said that he felt that “Wayfarer finally scratched that annoying itch that we haven’t been able to reach for a while. Max’s intense and vulnerable lyrics layered over blazing guitars and some really rad bass tones brought you into the moment. It was also just really nice to see some new faces.”

Throughout the last few weeks, the Blackroom has provided an opportunity for several types of musicians to express their musical talents no matter what type of genre.  From spoken word and rap to acoustic sets, the Blackroom is actively working to create an atmosphere of acceptance where people feel safe and supported in sharing their talents with others. The show on Saturday night was just an example of some of the amazing talent that is featured here in Greenville, IL. We might be a small town, but we have a lot to offer!


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