A Little Preview of GC Basketball

Written and Media by Jen Brakenhoff [divide]

Greenville Men's Basketball team with the Alumni. Image by Greenville Men's Basketball Facebook Page.
Greenville Men’s Basketball team with the Alumni. Image from Greenville Men’s Basketball Facebook Page.

The 2015 Greenville Men and Women Basketball teams’ seasons are underway and they are prepared for a great season! Not only do these two teams have high expectations and goals on the court but off the court as well. It is clear that these are two bright and passionate teams, after speaking to captains Coley Baker of the women’s team and Brian Ehresman of the men’s team.


Senior Captain, Brian Ehresman's Official Greenville Basketball Photo. Image by Greenville College.
Senior captain, Brian Ehresman’s Official Greenville Basketball Photo. Image by Greenville College.

The Greenville Men’s basketball team has 3 returning seniors this season to lead the men to success. They are excited to see what the new players will bring to their team this year. Senior captain, Brian Ehresman says, “The new players are very athletic and can really push the ball up the court.  This will really help us in our fast-paced offense.” The talent that the new players bring will be exciting to see mixed in with the passionate returning players.

It is always interesting to see how the teams compare and how they will have to prepare differently from previous seasons. This season, Ehresman adds, “We are a lot shorter than last year, but we are also faster.  We will play more up-tempo and try to score a lot of points, which will be fun to watch.  We expect to wear the other teams down and make them tired.” This season the men will be playing some tough non-conference teams which should really help prepare them for the strong conference teams.

The Greenville Men create a culture that is not like many other basketball teams. They focus on not playing for themselves but for their team. They don’t want to let the other four guys on the court down. Ehresman quotes, “We always want to create diversity in our team and “cross-pollinate” as Coach Barber would say.  We have a lot of guys from different places and backgrounds, but we want to make sure we all come together like brothers.” Their focus is growing together as brothers and a family.

Senior Captain, Coley Baker's Official Greenville College Photo. Image by Greenville College.
Senior captain, Coley Baker’s Official Greenville College Photo. Image by Greenville College.

The Greenville Women’s basketball team has 4 returning seniors that are expected to lead the lady panthers through a great season. They also have 7 new players coming in that should help add to a fantastic season.

Senior captain, Coley Baker, says, “Collectively, we feel that this season is about to be something very special and we are expecting big things to happen.  Our goal is to get top in the conference, host the conference tournament and win it.  We know we have the ability to make this happen!” The Lady Panthers are ready to show everyone that they are back and confident in who they are as a team and family.

The Greenville Women have created a culture that is really inspiring and contagious to everyone that watches them. They set themselves apart from all other teams. They created a mission statement and set up core values that they would like to follow as a team. Their mission statement states, “”Every day we will challenge one another as pursuers of Christ to take the next step as a student, teammate, and athlete.”  Along with their mission statement is a bible passage, Philippians 3:12-14.

These two teams have been working hard thus far and have been preparing for this season since their last season ended. The dedication of these teams is motivating. Their official season starts on November 17 with both teams competing in away games. The first official home games are November 20 starting with the women at 5 and the men at 7. Be sure not to miss the start of a great season for both teams!

Greenville Women's Basketball team after Midnight Madness. Image by Greenvlle Women's Basketball Facebook Page.
Greenville Women’s Basketball team after Midnight Madness. Image from Greenville Women’s Basketball Facebook Page.


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