COR 401 Event: No More Excuses

Article and Media by Aaron Phillips


Source: Aaron Phillips
Source: Aaron Phillips

Wednesday, Nov. 4, COR group 15 hosted an event in the DMC surrounding the topic of sexual abuse and sexual assault on college campuses. The group is focusing their project on new Title IX mandates and how those new laws help bring sexual assault and abuse into the light on campus through education and a new chapter of the organization NO MORE. Students and faculty were invited to come join in a discussion about new statistics, facts and what they can do to help. COR group 15 consists of Josh Thomas, Josie Muniania, Madison Moran, Brooke McIntire, Cheyenne Klein and Aaron Phillips.

Doors opened at 6:30 p.m. with music from Trey Brockman and Mandy Pennington. There were informational pamphlets providing information about the process to take once someone has been sexually assaulted including resources to use on and off campus. For example, the non-profit organization Sexual Assault Family Emergency, SAFE, is a dependable resource based in Vandalia, Ill. The COR group provided cookies and provided Trifold coffee.

The first speaker Carlita Trout from SAFE presented useful facts and statistics regarding sexual abuse. For example, every year 1 in 4 women on college campuses are sexually abused in some way. This is a very daunting statistic, but one that is real and needs to be brought up. Trout offered insight into how bystanders and friends can help aid someone they know through the process and help to make a difference themselves.

Source: Aaron Phillips
Source: Aaron Phillips

Housing Director and Title IX Coordinator Ross Baker spoke next. His job is to help make sure Greenville College is in compliance with all Title IX mandates, and most importantly, Baker is in charge of helping all students who have been victims of sexual abuse and assault. Baker talked about the specific process that a student would go through on campus if they were sexually assaulted and talked about how new Title IX laws actually help students to receive more help. One of the biggest takeaways from Baker’s discussion was that regardless of where a student is abused or assaulted –whether on or off campus – because they are a Greenville College student, Baker is there to help them sort through that process and get them the help they need.

Lastly, Resident Chaplain of First Burritt East and Dallas Kaylee Summers spoke about how her role plays into helping students and what actually falls under the categories of sexual abuse and assault. Many times students only think about rape when thinking about these topics, but sexual abuse and assault covers a lot more, from unwanted physical contact, sexting, cat-calling to anything that makes someone uncomfortable. Kaylee said, “It was a great night to sit down and feel comfortable opening up and talking about tough topics. I enjoyed giving an RC’s perspective on sexual harassment and assault and it was good to get some questions and feedback from the student body.”

The event ended with a movie at the Globe Theatre, in collaboration with CC@GC. Keeping with the theme, COR Group 15 chose The Hunting Ground, a documentary that researched rape on college campuses and how some universities have tried to sweep it under the rug. After the movie, COR Group 15 led a short discussion answering students’ questions about the movie and how Title IX affects them. Overall, it was a successful event and helped to start the conversation to put an end to sexual abuse and sexual assault.


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