In Wayman’s Terms Part 3

Written by Joe Watson. Media by Max Gensler
wayman 3
Photo/media by Max Gensler


We got another opportunity to sit down with Dr. Wayman, and ask him a few questions. I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to spend time with him and talk about some hard issues and topics. His answers are insightful and cause us to really think about how we live as Christians. In our final interview, we discuss some topics specifically pertaining to the Church and living as a community in Christ. I hope you enjoy the video and learn something new. Thank you, Dr. Wayman, for providing us with the opportunity to engage with you in learning.




Here are the questions we put to Dr. Wayman:


1.Society as a whole seems to no longer think the Christian has an obligation to the Church. What is the role of faithfulness to the church for the Christian? Why are Christians called to a community and not to the life of a lone wolf?


2. A. How does someone reconcile the fact that the bible has been translated in so many languages and was written 2000 years ago?
B. What would you say to those people who would say that “having a strong Pneumatology” is a cop-out?


3. To what extent does a follower of Christ trust their pastor, and yet continue to question and push against their thoughts? In your opinion, how is this done best?


4. Is the Church the end all be all when it comes to living under a concrete authority on earth?


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