The Best of Blindspot

Written by Rebecca Oldham. Media by Rebekah Dothager.


This fall, many shows have been released. So far, most of these shows have done an amazing job of drawing audiences in and keeping them on their toes. “Blindspot has wondered audiences with its intense and unique plot. The plot centers on a mysterious woman found in time square. She was placed in a duffle bag, completely naked and fully covered in tattoos. When the F.B.I gets involved, they enlisted the help of Agent Kurt Weller— whose name is tattooed on the women’s back. The woman has no memory and all of her tattoos are brand new. So what makes this show so good?

Attention, SPOILERS AHEAD!!!!!!!

#1 Relationships

Sullivan Stapleton as Kurt Weller (

The relationships in this show range from normal to unusual. The F.B.I team that the show centers on is one that no one should meddle with. They have been together for so long that change is unfamiliar to them and not all of them can accept Jane Doe.  Kurt Weller, the head of the team, seems to be blind to how dangerous things get when Jane is around. They are both obsessed with finding out her past, and together they could be intertwined more than just having his name tattooed on her back. Weller’s two partners have mixed feelings about Jane. Tasha Zapata believes they should trust Weller’s judgments on Jane while Edgar Reed believes Weller is misguided when it comes to her.

#2 Secrets

Jamie Alexander as Jane Doe (

The show is brimming with secrets: What does the F.B.I. director, Bethany Mayfair, really have planned for Jane?  What about the secret case file she was involved with? His case file has scandalous information about not only her but the C.I.A. director too. Agent Zapata has a gambling addiction and has turned to the C.I.A director for help. Throughout the show, Weller also keeps his share of secrets close to his chest, though the audience knows they all revolve around who Jane is. Throughout the first few episodes, you find he believes Jane’s true identity is Taylor, a girl who went missing from his neighborhood. A girl who happens to have been his childhood best friend.

#3 Mystery

One of the biggest draws of “Blindspot is the waves of mystery it is cloaked in.  The Mystery of who Jane Doe really is; the mystery surrounding her tattoos.  Though the audience is clued into many of the secrets, the answers to the mysteries are hidden.  What happened to Taylor? What happened that is so bad that both the directors of the F.B.I. and C.I.A are covering it up?



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