Weird Sport: Mud Olympics

All the finishers at the mud Olympics

Written and Media by Austin Brinkman [divide]


Who doesn’t love getting muddy? This amazing competition of your choice is the Mud Olympics, also known as the Tideland Olympics or Wattolümpiade. The Mud Olympics exist for two reasons: to have fun and support a charity to help treat cancer patients.


Soccer being played at the Mud Olympics, Image from
Soccer being played at the Mud Olympics, Image from

The competition and festival take place along the Elbe River in Brunsbuttel, Germany each year since 1978. This small town gets overridden with mud seekers during the proceeds of the festival. The festival originated when sponsors wanted to add some fun into cancer treatment in Germany. The festivities have also spread to other locations in Europe.  The games seem to transform every grown up back into a youngster at camp when they used to play in the mud.


The festivals have generated plenty of funds to provide a few counseling centers for cancer victims on the west coast of Germany. The more mud that is slung means more treatment for the victims.  Over just the past few years, more than 120,000 euros have been raised towards cancer causes in Germany. The main way for raising money is simple and effective: All organizers and volunteers do voluntary work and music groups that are fully covered by sponsors to raise the money for this event. Since 2004, more than 250,000 euros have been collected for the charity. The money from the tickets and the entry fees of the competitors goes directly to the charity, as sponsors finance the Mud Olympics.

Belgian Kerstperiode - Elbows

The German motto is Stark gegen Krebs, which means “strong against cancer.” Another predominant motto for the competition is “faster, higher, and muddier.” The mud events that are going to be happening at the Mud Olympics take place during the month of July, from 10 am to 6 pm. Some of the mud events consist of mud versions of practical sports such as sledding, football, handball, and walli ball. Other events include a mud-eel race and a long-distance rubber boot toss. Most years it takes less than a minute for the tickets to sell out online, so you have to get them quick!


Do you plan on traveling to Germany? If so, go and take part!  You will find out what we are all missing out on. Tickets are will start selling soon for the summer of 2017 for their 13th year for the Mud Olympics. It is not too much of a bank-breaker and remember that all the money you spend goes to a great cause!













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