Nintendo 64 Throwback Thursday

Written by Rebecca Oldham. Media by Rebekah Dothager.


Growing up we can all remember the different games that we played, whether it was a card game or a video game. As we grew up and video games advanced, we got the PlayStation and the Xbox.  They just kept coming. But let’s take the time not to go forwards, but to look back. Let’s go back to the 90’s— preferably somewhere around 1996 when Nintendo released the new Nintendo 64. This console was a big boost from the old Sega Genesis games. It brought us better graphics and better games. Some of these brilliant games will stay in our minds as some of our favorite childhood memories, as they took us on their adventures. It still seems today that some of these games still rank as some of the best games in the gaming world. Here is our top five list for best Nintendo 64 games!


#5 Banjo-Kazooie 





This game follows the character Banjo, a honey bear, and his friend Kazooie (the bird that lives in banjo’s backpack) as they attempt to save Banjo’s sister from an evil witch that is terrorizing their world.

#4 Goldeneye 007





Goldeneye 007 is based off the 007 James Bond Movie Goldeneye that was released 1995. It follows the storyline of the movie and has a unique multiplayer mode that allows you to face off against your friends.

#3 Super Mario 64





This adventurous game follows Mario as he attempts to save Princess Peach from the grasps of the evil Bowser. As he travels to different worlds, he must complete missions to gain enough stars to save the Princess.

#2 Super Smash Brothers





This game is unique in the fact that it brings all of our favorite characters together. It has Captain Falcon, Pokémon, Yoshi, Mario, Link and, of course, the elusive hand that you have to face at the end. This game is unique because it brings about the chances to really see which characters from our favorite games are actually the best fighters. Whether you use the multiplayer or story mode, you get to see all of your favorite characters in action as well as fight with and against them.

#1 The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time





This game follows the young boy Link as he travels throughout his world trying to bring peace and balance back. As a young boy, you must travel to find three spiritual stones, one hidden in the forest, another hidden in a volcano, and one in a hidden world of water. Finding these stones are only the beginning. As you believe the story of this young boy is drawing to a close, the world if flipped upside down, and he is stuck in time until he is no longer a boy. This game has many storylines and quests.  It has great graphics for its time and it isn’t an easy game to complete, making the experience challenging and rewarding. This game still today is looked at as one of the best.

Honorable Mention:

Mario Kart 64

Donkey Kong 64

Diddy Kong Racing

Tell us your opinion! Do you like our list? What were your favorite Nintendo 64 games?


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