10 Places to Visit on a College Budget

Source: John Walnofer

Article by Megan Burns. Media by John Walnofer.


As a college student, finding affordable things to do near Greenville is difficult. However, all hope is not lost! If you make the short trip to St. Louis, your options will grow immensely. Here are 10 free (or “broke college kid” cheap) things to do in St. Louis!

Source: John Walnofer
Source: John Walnofer


1.  Zoo
Once the weather gets warm, and animals start to come out, take a trip to the zoo. The Saint Louis Zoo is free! Even better, you can get into some of the exhibits for free before a certain time.

2.  Art Museums
St. Louis has a couple different styles of public art displays. The Saint Louis Art Museum (also known as SLAM) located in forest park and The Contemporary Art Museum (also known as CAM) are two great options. Both the SLAM and the CAM offer free admission. Whether alone or with friends, both supply a quiet environment to explore the creativity of others.

3.  Science Center
If you want a fun interactive trip, the Saint Louis Science Center also offers free admission. Their exhibits change all the time, so each time you go, there are new things to see. All three floors vary in things to look at and play with, from fossils to arch building. Perfect for a gloomy day getaway with friends.

4.  The Loop
The Delmar loop is the place to hit if you can’t decide what to do. The Loop has a variety of restaurants and shops. For something sweet, go to Blueprint Coffee or Ben & Jerry’s. This strip, with over 100 places to visit, is a great destination for a night out.

5.  Forest Park
On the warmer days, grab your headphones or a friend and walk the trails of Forest Park. Trails weave in and out of the park, passing by beautiful landscaping. The peaceful atmosphere makes for a good place to have some alone time or good conversation with friends.

Source: Felicity Giddings
Source: Felicity Giddings

6.  Cathedrals
Rich in culture, St. Louis has many beautiful historic buildings. The Cathedral Basilica is home to beautiful stained glass and mosaics. All are welcome to walk inside and enjoy its beauty for free.

7.  Magic House & City Museum
Get in touch with your inner kid with these interactive playgrounds. Both the Magic House and the City Museum only cost $10 to enter. With indoor and outdoor exhibits like slides, tunnels, and bubbles, there are sure to be some good laughs and great pictures.

8.  Sports Games
St. Louis is the proud home of the Cardinals and the Ballpark Village (right next to the stadium) is a fun place to go. Whether you watch the game from one of the restaurants or a stadium seat, make sure to see a game. If you prefer hockey, the Saint Louis Blues play at the Scottrade Center. Also, both offer cheaper tickets to students on select nights.

Source: Megan Burns
Source: Megan Burns

9.  Strange Donuts & Insomnia Cookies
If it’s too late to go to eat, but the DC food didn’t fill you up, visit Strange Donuts or Insomnia Cookies for a late night snack. Both shops open later in the evening and have a unique selection of foods.

10.  The Muny & The Fox Theater
From shows like “Wicked” to “Beauty and the Beast”, both the Muny and the Fox Theater provide amazing entertainment.

While tickets can be pricey, the Muny offers free seats in the back of the amphitheater, and the Fox Theater offers last minute student discounts if you sign up. Sit down, relax, and watch talented musicians and dancers perform.


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