Beat Those Winter Blues

Source: John Walnofer

Written by Megan Burns. Media by John Walnofer.


It’s time to beat the winter blues that haunt us all around January and February. The holiday spirit is gone and melting snow and icy roads are all that remain. If the multitude of coats covering your outfit and the melting snow have you down, here are some tips from students around campus on how to fight the winter blues!

1. “Take a trip to a warm place”

-Hannah Lucas


While taking a beach trip would be nice, some of us have school and work. Instead, go through old photos of that beach vacation from last year. If you need a constant reminder of warmer things, set your computer or phone wallpaper to your dream island vacation spot. That will guarantee a punch to those blues.



2. “Friends, Fires, Snacks, Hot Cocoa, Books and Netflix

-Logan Lutes & Becky Brannon

When the temperature outside is dropping, stay curled up inside. Light a fire and roast some marshmallows, or find new ways to spice up your hot cocoa by adding peppermint or cinnamon. To keep entertained, grab the new book you got for Christmas or turn on a movie. In January, Netflix released an abundance of new shows to binge watch. Whatever you decide to do, stay inside and keep warm!




3. “Warm up while working off those extra holiday pounds”

-Holly Hampsch

Let’s be honest, we all considered making the new years resolution to get in shape after the holidays. Exercising is a great way to get warmed up. Layer up and go jog the bike trails, or put on an exercise tape in your living room. Have you ever wanted to try those cool workout videos? Now is your chance! Take advantage of your time cooped up inside to work off those slices of pie.



4. “Take road trips to find free activities”

-Carrie Baker

When your house or dorm is starting to get boring, pack some snacks and take a road trip. For example, the Nudge is a small town coffee shop that has live music on the weekends. You could also go out to the Saint Louis Art Museum. Make a game out of it by taking a few friends to see who can find the most colorful piece of art. Saint Louis is a great place to find some indoor activities like museums or concerts.




Source: Greenville College Facebook
Source: Greenville College Facebook

5. “Bundle up and venture into the snow… or fake snow”

-Marissa Raetz

Instead of wishing winter away, take advantage of the opportunities that come with the cold. In February, Hidden Valley Ski Resort is hosting a college appreciation week. So, grab a group of people and hit the slopes.
Whether you choose to stay inside by the fire or go out and do something fun, make the most of this winter season. Don’t let those winter blues get you down!


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