GC Athlete of the Week: Daniel Bilinski

Written and Media by Jen Brakenhoff.


Image by Darrin Stewart
Image by Darrin Stewart

Each week we choose an athlete that has demonstrated the four C’s that Greenville College follows. The four C’s are Christ, Character, Community, and Competition. Daniel Bilinski has not only proven that he has athletic talent here at Greenville College, but also portrays what a GC student athlete should look like. Recently, he has earned the right to be named the GC Athlete of the Week. Bilinski was the first Midwest Collegiate Volleyball League (MCVL) offensive player of the week. He is also leading the conference in most kills per set and points per set. As a freshman, this is a great accomplishment and we are excited to see what he has in store for the future of Greenville Men’s Volleyball.

Bilinski is a criminal justice major from Southern California. The men’s volleyball program is new to Greenville College and Bilinski chose to come to a new program instead of playing for an existing program. He wanted to pursue the Greenville College journey because he thought it would be a “cool, new experience that not many people get to have.”  Bilinski has been playing volleyball competitively for only five years, but has been surrounded by the sport for as long as he can remember. Because there was no opportunity to play volleyball at a younger age, Bilinski didn’t start volleyball until high school.

A unique opportunity that was presented to Bilinski was the chance to play college volleyball alongside his twin brother, Nicholas Bilinski. Daniel Bilinski says, “It’s pretty cool to play with my twin brother. Not many people get to have this kind of experience. It is neat to see twins have the opportunity to play the sport they love side by side.”

Bilinski set personal goals for the season to maintain the lead kills and points per set in the conference.  As for team goals, he would like for his team to have a winning record.  The Greenville Men’s Volleyball team has really been showing how talented they are for being a first year team composed almost entirely of freshmen. Bilinski reveals that the culture of the team is diverse, coming from all different kinds of background. “With all of these differences we still mesh and are a brotherhood,” he firmly states.

Image by Jen Brakenhoff

The excitement this first year team brings to Greenville College is astounding. We are excited to see how well they will do this season and what they will accomplish in the future. The Greenville College Men’s Volleyball team has already shown a tremendous amount of determination to be the best that they can be. They will continue to grow and improve each season and we are excited to see what they will do in their conference. Daniel Bilinski is a great player and with the leadership he shows through his action, he is sure to lead his team to victory. The Greenville Men will play this Friday, Feb. 12, at home against Carthage. The team stands at a winning record of 5-2. Let’s help them bring home another win!



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