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Photo by: Katie Wallace

Written and Media by Brianna Anderson.

We are Greenville!

Even though the season is coming close to an end, the Greenville College Cheer team has been turning heads at every game. With new stunts, tumbling and “GC for 3” shirts, they have made an impact on the student body. As a new coach, Sean Washington came in not knowing what he was in for but has transformed the team into true college cheerleaders. Washington comments, “My hopes for the season and the team were to build a solid foundation for the program and establish a good reputation and sense of character for the team. In the first year, I knew that it was going to be pivotal to set high standards and push for bigger and better things. I also wanted there to be an evident difference in what the program was and how it will be moving forward.”

        The Beginning


Photo By: BJ Shneck
Photo By: BJ Shneck

Beginning the season with 14 team members, the squad and Washington worked hard to prepare for the upcoming football season. Throughout football season, the team learned new stunts to surprise the crowd. With basketball coming up, Coach Washington and the team worked to make up new stunts and learn half-time dances that were choreographed by Washington himself.

Photo By: Brianna Anderson
Photo By: Brianna Anderson


The GC cheerleaders have a tight bond with each other. Throughout the season, Washington has provided opportunities outside of practices for them to bond. For example, Washington took some of the members to Dave and Busters as well as for supper at Joe’s. He has also bought the squad many shirts that represent the cheerleading team. They are truly grateful to have such a hard-working coach who shows that he cares for the team and brings his faith in God to practices and games.

Football Cheerleaders

As the season has progressed, the team has grown stronger. They have also added some help from a few of the GC football players for the “Senior Night” game. The boys have been working extra hard to learn everything with the few days they have had. Some of them have even said they have been sore in places they didn’t think could be. They have learned quickly and are ready for senior night.  The added help has really been a plus for the squad. “I think it’s good that we have the other guys to help us. Not only are we able to do so much more than usual, but it shows people that know nothing about cheer how difficult it really is,” freshman and cheer team member Miguel Kronbach said.”


Photo By: Laurie Hannula

Looking back over the course of the season, Washington can’t help but to be happy with how his first year has gone. “The team, as well as the program, have made tremendous strides since day one,” he said. Kent Krober, GC Athletic Director, was recently baffled when observing a GC Cheer practice. “The program has come so far in such a short amount of time! It’s often times difficult for me to gauge the amount of progress that has been made as I am so close to the program and have seen the progression happen. But to step back and reflect on where we were at the beginning and where we are now is truly remarkable. There have been a few levels that I assumed would take a few years to reach and we are close if not already there,” Krober said.


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