How Does a Godly Friendship Look?

Article and Media by Tyler Wright.


For young adults in Christian communities, Godly relationships are often stressed in reference to dating. This is important, but dating doesn’t make up all, or even the majority of relationships in our lives. In fact, many relationships encompass close friends. It is important to be surrounded by solid, healthy friendships because those are the people that are around regardless of dating status. So what tends to characterize these friendships?


Source: John Stephenson

In a healthy, Godly friendship, it’s important to carry out the following things.

  1. Acceptance
    • You feel comfortable being yourself. No matter your preferences, temperament or quirks, you know that you will be treated with love. You can also trust that this friend will be there on your worst days too, not just the best.
  2. Honesty/Trust
    • In every situation can count on a solid friend to act in your best interest. They speak truth into your life when it is difficult to hear and keep their word when they give it. In lighter circumstances, you might even be able to trust that friend to break the news that your outfit isn’t the best idea.
  3. Support
    • Good friends have each other’s backs and motivate each other. A Godly friend will push you towards God and your passions. If you have a concert, you can count on them to be there. If you have a game, they will be cheering you on from the stands. If you experience a great victory, they celebrate with you. In your heaviest losses, they’re present to actively listen and bear the burden alongside you.
  4. Encouragement
    • It takes a special person to remind you of who are when you have forgotten. When you’re down on yourself or disillusioned about your potential, this person reminds you that in Christ, you are created with specific gifts and talents for the sake of blessing people and building the Kingdom of God. They will remind you that you are never, ever without purpose or meaning. This person builds you up even when you feel stuck and torn down.
  5. Accountability
    • This might be the most difficult, yet crucial, quality of a Godly friend. It’s easy for this term to be written off as “Christianese”, but it will never lose its importance. An accountability partner is someone who keeps you on track in becoming who you want to be. This means that they know you and your values, as well as the expectations you’ve set for yourself and what Scripture says in how to treat others. This person boldly calls you out when you stray from the path and is genuine in encouragement.


Source: Max Gensler

This article has hopefully brought some healthy relationships to mind for you. If not, perhaps you know some people who actively pursue a Godly life that you could become friends with. Also, be sure to take this list and ask yourself if you are this friend to others. In a heavily individualistic society, interdependence has never been more necessary for a healthy life.


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