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Ben Carson
Source: USA Today

Written by Carrie Baker. Media by Kayla Morton. [divide]

Ben Carson holding I am a Christian Sign
Source: NY Daily News

Dr. Ben Carson is not the leading Republican nominee for the Presidential candidacy. In fact, he’s currently fourth in the 2016 polls, quite a ways behind the Republican front-runner, Donald Trump. As a neurosurgeon, author, public speaker and philanthropist, Carson may not have the majority vote or the most political experience, but he sure seems to be drawing a lot of hype. The impression Carson is making on this year’s nomination race is what’s getting the media and the voter’s attention.

The difference between Dr. Ben Carson and all the other candidates is he is unapologetically Christian, and is not ashamed to incorporate his faith into his personal campaign. The goal of his “Heal. Inspire. Revive” campaign has been anything but mainstream for a political race, but it may be just what the United States needs. If you were looking for an article about why Dr. Carson should be President of the United States, this is not it. Rather, this is about something much bigger than a Republican Candidate nomination. This is about Evangelism.

“In God We Trust” has been the official motto of the United States since 1956 when President Dwight D. Eisenhower signed the phrase into law, mandating that it also be printed on all American paper currency. Many Americans today, specifically those who don’t believe in God, see this phrase as mere words, nothing more than print on paper or the currency they use. “In God We Trust” has been exploited as a nuisance, even a breach of personal freedoms. Likewise, modern-day politicians have taken the First Amendment’s “Separation of Church and State” and ran with it. Though these words influenced and motivated our forefathers to form this great nation, many seem to take it upon themselves to disassociate them from our nation altogether. Many, however, still firmly believe the United States of America was founded on these four precious words. Dr. Ben Carson is one of these people.

carson with in God we trust

Since he first announced his Republican Party bid back in October of 2015, Carson, a Seventh Day Adventist, has unceasingly proclaimed his faith. He made the hashtag, #IAMACHRISTIAN viral, in support of the Christian victims who lost their lives in the Oregon massacre. Likewise, Carson’s Twitter profile picture displays him proudly holding up a sign which reads, “In God We Trust.” Carson, however, plans to do much more than just talk about his faith if he gains the Presidential Candidacy.

One of the issues he addresses on his official website is abortion and his pro-life perspective. If Carson were to win the Presidential Election, though he is a strong man of faith, he would understand Christianity is not the national religion. When asked about sharing the gospel in the White House he stated, “…I believe [as Christians] we have a responsibility to proclaim the gospel and show other people why we live the way that we do and hopefully that will affect their lives. I think that’s a very important component of what we do…I will never use my position to force my beliefs upon someone else. But I will always lead a life that I believe is consistent with the will of God.”

Source: NY Daily News

Will Dr. Ben Carson win the Republican Candidacy? Who knows. If he does, does he have what it takes to be President of the United States? I certainly don’t have the answer to that question either. What I do know is millions of Americans are witnessing a man stand up for what he believes in. Approaching issues with a sound mind, grounded in the same faith of our forefathers over two centuries ago.

One issue at a time, Carson is doing his best to bring back the meaning to our nation’s motto, “In God We Trust.” Dr. Ben Carson may not win the Republican Candidacy, but his evangelical message will have left a lasting impact on this country whether he makes it to the Oval Office or not.
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  1. Thank you so much for this fine article. You are very correct. Dr. Carson, “he would understand Christianity is not the national religion.” Most Christians know how to separate their Christian beliefs form their secular work. Otherwise there would be a whole lot of people in this country who would be fired for mixing the two.
    Dr. Carson’s faith is what has made him the man he is today. If he is so overbearing in his faith that he would require you to be a part of it, where are the stories of him forcing people from all walks of life to his way of thinking? I mean really, his faith does guide him in his treatment of others, but if he were going around proselytizing people who do not believe as he does, he would be off in some remote part of the Earth bringing the Gospel to them. However he has chosen to run as President of the United States instead. Thank God he has.
    His medical career would have come to naught had he been “in your face” with his Christianity. Let me be clear, I see no evidence he wants to force people to his system of beliefs, however I do see a man who strives daily to live his life by the beliefs he espouses. I realize Christianity scares the bejeebers out of a lot of people who want nothing to do with it, but know this; true Christians do not force others to be Christian. Why that would be against Christianity to do so. However we will talk of our faith just as any other person who has a belief system not like ours will talk about theirs.
    While the greatest recommendation of Dr. Carson is his faith, and he has accomplished great things through his faith in Christ, keep in mind that one of the greatest things about the man, is his clear understanding of the founding of this country and the documents it is founded on.
    For fourty years I have refused to participate in elections. The lying and deciept just overwhelms me sometimes. A politicians ability to use a whole lot of words and say nothing, well except for generalities, and they always leave themselves wiggle room, Dr. Carson is different in that he is plain spoken, and straightforward. There is no ambiguity with him. If a news source says he said it, I suggest you need to find the quote and context of what was said, because the main media in this country are pushing their own set of beliefs at you, and they have a tendency to, how shall we say, embellish a little?
    There are two great sources for knowing what he has really said, and where he stands on the issues. and also
    I have never supported anyone nor have I ever in those 40 years of eligibility to vote given money to a candidate, but I have to Dr. Carson. Everyone who knows me knows the hardest thing to get from me is trust. I trust Dr. Carson to do what is right for our country and in the way prescribed by the Constitution, and not as some religious zealot. Please take a moment out of your busy life and get to know him and please vote Dr. Ben Carson.
    Thanks and God Bless You All

  2. I see a candidate rising above the rest. Rising above the loud obnoxious backbiting and grandstanding. I’m sick of seeing the negative attack adds and hearing slimy politicians telling us whatever they think we want to hear. It’s like nails on a chalk board. While candidates continue to degrade each other, people are seeing what “presidential” looks like. When Americans actually listen to what he’s saying they hear a faith driven natural born leader with the ability to heal, inspire, and revive our nation. Dr. Ben Carson for president. Get out and vote. BC2DC16

  3. If you are truly an Evangical you must in all good conscious vote for this man. It should not matter Wethersfield you are white, black, yellow, red, Republican, Democrat, liberal, Conservative. He is the one to bring this country back.

  4. I truly believe Dr Carson has the best interest of “we the people”. He is passionate about our constitution and truly loves our country. There is nothing better man to lead our nation.

  5. I do believe Dr. Carson has exactly what we need in a president! He has the ability to scold without hurting, to enlighten without making one feel ignorant, the insight to discern priorities, and the decisievness to act boldly. On top of all that, he has the wisdom to appreciate Who really is in charge. I will be happy to call this man the Leader of our nation.

  6. This is God’s plan and we must accept his plan for Dr Carson’s life, as well as our own lives. If His plan is to use Dr Carson and his life’s example to bring the America people back to “In God We Trust” then I completely accept it and grateful for each success, one American at a time. When anyone turns their faces and hearts to God, then they are truly Blessed by the Lord. Wonderful article and I thank you for sharing it with us.

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  8. Dr. Carson was the first one to bring up the issues that concern We The People. Then the other candidates jumped in and claimed these issues for their own and, of course, they were loud and more forceful than Ben Carson. Ben has the answers, not just empty promises. Dr. Carson was also the first to profess his belief in God and Jesus Christ with no fear we all know lhat he would not force his beliefs on anyone else. Again the other candidates jumped on that and professed that they are Christians. First Cruz, then Rubia and then the Trumpet. The Trumpet was funny and I don’t think he pulled it off. He could not pull one scripture from the Bible out of his mind. and declared that he never goes to God for help.
    Dr. Carson is what this country needs at this time. It amazes me that the media has decided to ignor him.

  9. Just for a moment, consider how different the course of America’s conception and founding would have been if there were no Thomas Jefferson.

    Jefferson, a quiet & humble man of such learning, knowledge & reason, yet so committed to the understanding that our Rights are of God, not at the discretion of man, as he so eloquently wrote the Declaration of Independence. A man of his time with such Principle and Purpose to serve.

    Considering Jefferson’s quiet & methodical demeanor, I wonder, “Do you think America would elect Jefferson today?” I sure don’t know the answer to that, but knowing America’s history, I know I would sure vote for him given the chance, and it is in this consideration that I will be PROUDLY voting for Dr. Ben Carson for President. Dr. Carson is the only candidate of either party to carry these attributes.

  10. I am very proud of Dr. Carson. My husband and I stand with you praying and believing that you are the man for the job of President of the United States of America. I know God is fed up with America as it is now. We need Dr. Ben in the White House. We need a better America for our future. God Bless you Dr. Ben Carson!

  11. Called by God,, to be a light in a darkened nation. Dr. Ben Carson is America’s last hope to turn us around. Dr. Carson isn’t a miracle worker, but he can be a great example of walking in Integrity, honesty, and humility. We need a good dose of Kindness and unconditional Love.

  12. We as a nation need a person that understands “Religious Liberty” and “Separation of Church and State”. Ben does and “Political Correctness” will not cripple him.


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