In God We Trust: Campaigns and Christ

Ben Carson
Source: USA Today

Written by Carrie Baker. Media by Kayla Morton. [divide]

Ben Carson holding I am a Christian Sign
Source: NY Daily News

Dr. Ben Carson is not the leading Republican nominee for the Presidential candidacy. In fact, he’s currently fourth in the 2016 polls, quite a ways behind the Republican front-runner, Donald Trump. As a neurosurgeon, author, public speaker and philanthropist, Carson may not have the majority vote or the most political experience, but he sure seems to be drawing a lot of hype. The impression Carson is making on this year’s nomination race is what’s getting the media and the voter’s attention.

The difference between Dr. Ben Carson and all the other candidates is he is unapologetically Christian, and is not ashamed to incorporate his faith into his personal campaign. The goal of his “Heal. Inspire. Revive” campaign has been anything but mainstream for a political race, but it may be just what the United States needs. If you were looking for an article about why Dr. Carson should be President of the United States, this is not it. Rather, this is about something much bigger than a Republican Candidate nomination. This is about Evangelism.

“In God We Trust” has been the official motto of the United States since 1956 when President Dwight D. Eisenhower signed the phrase into law, mandating that it also be printed on all American paper currency. Many Americans today, specifically those who don’t believe in God, see this phrase as mere words, nothing more than print on paper or the currency they use. “In God We Trust” has been exploited as a nuisance, even a breach of personal freedoms. Likewise, modern-day politicians have taken the First Amendment’s “Separation of Church and State” and ran with it. Though these words influenced and motivated our forefathers to form this great nation, many seem to take it upon themselves to disassociate them from our nation altogether. Many, however, still firmly believe the United States of America was founded on these four precious words. Dr. Ben Carson is one of these people.

carson with in God we trust

Since he first announced his Republican Party bid back in October of 2015, Carson, a Seventh Day Adventist, has unceasingly proclaimed his faith. He made the hashtag, #IAMACHRISTIAN viral, in support of the Christian victims who lost their lives in the Oregon massacre. Likewise, Carson’s Twitter profile picture displays him proudly holding up a sign which reads, “In God We Trust.” Carson, however, plans to do much more than just talk about his faith if he gains the Presidential Candidacy.

One of the issues he addresses on his official website is abortion and his pro-life perspective. If Carson were to win the Presidential Election, though he is a strong man of faith, he would understand Christianity is not the national religion. When asked about sharing the gospel in the White House he stated, “…I believe [as Christians] we have a responsibility to proclaim the gospel and show other people why we live the way that we do and hopefully that will affect their lives. I think that’s a very important component of what we do…I will never use my position to force my beliefs upon someone else. But I will always lead a life that I believe is consistent with the will of God.”

Source: NY Daily News

Will Dr. Ben Carson win the Republican Candidacy? Who knows. If he does, does he have what it takes to be President of the United States? I certainly don’t have the answer to that question either. What I do know is millions of Americans are witnessing a man stand up for what he believes in. Approaching issues with a sound mind, grounded in the same faith of our forefathers over two centuries ago.

One issue at a time, Carson is doing his best to bring back the meaning to our nation’s motto, “In God We Trust.” Dr. Ben Carson may not win the Republican Candidacy, but his evangelical message will have left a lasting impact on this country whether he makes it to the Oval Office or not.
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