Study Abroad & Missions 2016

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Faith Nava Source: Greenville College
Faith Nava
Source: Greenville College

The Director of World Outreach and Missions, Faith Marie Nava, worked throughout the semester to provide the best opportunities for students this coming year. The following are all the spring break, summer, and fall 2016 mission and study abroad trips with the price included.

Spring Break: New Orleans $550, St. Louis-City Lights (March 19-24) $300

Summer: Mexico (June and July) $2,900, Spain $3,150, Haiti $2,700, Russia $3,200

Klein's host family. Source: Cheyenne Klein.
Klein’s host family.
Source: Cheyenne Klein.

The total amount for the spring break and summer trips are due March 1, 2016. However, for the summer trips, the mission reservations and plane tickets will be purchased by Nava on March 10, 2016. Senior Cheyenne Klein double majored in International and Cross-Cultural Studies and Spanish and through GC, she traveled to Nicaragua, Spain, France, Italy, and recently Mexico. Klein’s experience in Mexico helped her grow spiritually, she states, “The first step to mission work is building relationships and that is what we spent a lot of our time doing. I also got to speak at bible studies and in church, which was a great growing experience. The whole experience made me grow in my faith because I had to keep such an open mind and submit to God as he used me in ways I had never experienced before.”

If students decide to study in Spain or Nicaragua for the fall 2016 semester they can earn up to 15 academic credits. Also,  financial aid is available for GC Study Abroad and students raise the rest the funds for their plane tickets and mission expenses. The fall semester amounts are due April 12, 2016, and the mission reservations and plane tickets will be purchased April 21, 2016.

Fall semester: Spain $3,150: Nicaragua $3,150

2015 Spain student group. Source: Brooke Bryant
2015 Spain student group.
Source: Brooke Bryant

Junior Brooke Bryant double majors in Spanish and Marketing and she just returned to the United States from her study abroad trip to Spain. She remarked, “I got the opportunity to travel all throughout Spain, to Barcelona and Seville, but I also got to go to Morocco and Italy! One thing that changed my life immensely is how we interacted with the people. It was such a great experience, and I hope others do a study abroad, even if it’s not Spain! I cannot stress enough how great of an opportunity it is. Even if you don’t know Spanish, it’s a great way to learn!”

Junior Anna Brannon also studied abroad this fall. Brannon said, “I chose to go to Nicaragua because I am a Spanish major and Greenville College has a unique partnership with Students International. Through this organization, we were able to participate in field ministry while taking classes and also traveling. Plus, studying abroad is usually quite expensive, but this program allows you to use all of your financial aid to pay for expenses.” She said living with Nicaraguans was one of the best parts of her experience. She states, “We were able to participate in the culture in a way that we wouldn’t have been able to if we were just traveling through or living in a dorm, and it is the best way to improve language learning. The family I stayed with became family. They cared for me, prayed for me, laughed with me, and cried with me.” Students studying abroad in Nicaragua also have the opportunity to travel to Costa Rica in November.

Brannon in Nicaragua. Source: Anna Brannon
Brannon in Nicaragua.
Source: Anna Brannon

Make sure to sign-up for study abroad experiences or mission trips in 2016! If you have any questions or need assistance contact Faith Nava at or 618.664.6806. Ask Nava for fundraising letters and begin raising funds now!


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