The Search is On: Summer Jobs

Written by Carrie Baker. Media by Kayla Morton.

For college students, summer might seem like light years away. We may have just gotten back into the swing of second semester but we just can’t wait to be done! With snow on the ground, cold temperatures dragging on and homework piling up, all we can think about is warmer weather and sun-kissed skin. For some students, summer might mean days spent beachside, traveling the globe, or just being lazy. For the majority of students, however, summer means one thing, work.  So whether you’re just trying to make some extra cash or pay off student loans we have the scoop on some of the best summer jobs for college students!

1. Camp Staff

logo for camp
source: Durley Youth Camp

Summer camps are a great and unique opportunity for you to get great experience, develop your own personal skills and make an impact on someone’s life! The great thing about summer camps is there are so many different types of camps that offer an array of job positions. These might include camp or cabin counselors, activity counselors, camp supervisors or various support positions like office, medical, maintenance, housekeeping or kitchen staff. The opportunities are almost endless! Need help finding a camp? Some great websites include: Camp Counselors USA, Great Camp Jobs and Christian Camp & Conference Association.  If you’re looking to go local check out Greenville’s own Durley Camp .

Shayla Burkhead: Junior at Bryan College

“Being a camp counselor is a phenomenal experience. Yes, it’s exhausting and tiring, but the experience and the relationships built are worth it!”

2. Landscaper

There is one thing that everybody has in the summer…grass and weeds! So grab your lawnmower and maybe a buddy, make a flyer and start your own little business! You could also contact your local golf course. The owners are always looking for landscapers to tend the green. It’s not going to be easy work, but you’re guaranteed to have customers and lots of them. They would much rather pay you than venture out into the heat themselves!

Wesley Wenger: Freshman at Illinois Valley Community College

“I really liked landscaping at the golf course. Some days the work was hard, some days it wasn’t so bad. I liked it because I got to be outside and enjoy the nice days and the great weather!”

3. Work at a Gym, Fitness or Recreation Center

gym equipment
photo by: Kayla Morton

We all want to look our best during the summer! For those of you with a love for fitness this job might be for you! There are probably more job opportunities in this realm than you may think. Of course there is your local gym, park or

even a water park or pool. But have you ever considered working with a professional trainer or physical therapist? Not only will you be getting paid, but you’ll learn a lot about the process as well. Another added bonus, most of the time these types of jobs let you use their facilities for free or at a discounted price! Get paid and stay in shape? Sounds like a great deal!

Kelsey Knoploh, Freshman at Greenville College (Worked under a Personal Trainer)

“I loved having the chance to learn more about what a healthy lifestyle and the personal training business looked like. I still keep in contact with my old boss and she has been an amazing mentor. I’d say it was by far my favorite job.”

4. Events / Activities Coordinator

This is a great job with hundreds of locations and opportunities! Many organizations host events over the summer at lots of different venues. You can bet they look for creative, organized, and enthusiastic individuals to get some hands-on experience to make their events a success! For example, Minor-league baseball teams are a really fun way to get involved. They hire part and full time employees over the summer to help with all the activities that they host!

Megan Burns: Freshman at Greenville College

“I have worked for both a florist and as a wedding planner over past summers. I loved every minute of both of those jobs! Since I hope to someday go into event planning and public relations they were both great experiences!”

5. Be Your Own Boss!

One of the newest crazes is product or service consultants. You usually just pay a one-time fee to become a certified consultant and can then begin selling your product or service to others! You are in charge of your hours, there are great benefits, and most of the time you can count on getting free products for your own personal use JUST for being a consultant! Some examples of these create-your-own-career companies include: Thirty-one giftsIt Works , BeachBody, Scentsy and so much more. Find one you like and soar! Build up a customer base through social media, websites and advertising and you could turn your small summer business into a money-making occupation all year round!

Lindsey Dewitt, Junior at Western Governor’s University

“I am a Beachbody Coach. It is an organization where we are able to better ourselves and be happy, and along the way I get to inspire others to create a healthy lifestyle! By helping others you get rewarded. It’s an amazing organization to be a part of!”


These may not be your “typical” summer jobs, but that is the point! No one ever said you have to do the same old boring thing every year! There are a bunch of great summer job opportunities just waiting to be discovered and these are only a few! With a little bit of research, you can find one that fits you and your interests! Make this summer the best one yet!


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