Greenville Bass Fishing Season Preview

Written and Media by: Alex Carie




As the weather gets warmer, so does the water.  The fish that swim in the lakes around Bond County will start becoming more active, which means the Greenville Bass fishing team is getting the boats out and hitting the water. They will have their first tournament this weekend down in Paris, Tennessee.

The Bass Fishing Team
The Bass Fishing Team

Greenville’s Bass Fishing team is going to consist of eight fishermen this year, which is one more than last year. The team is definitely on the rise. They also have increased the amount of tournaments they’re fishing at to seven this year with the inclusion of the FLW (Fishing League Worldwide), Cabela’s and Carharrt Bassmasters. Senior fisherman Ray Hingson said,“I believe we have a lot of committed guys, so this season should have a good turn out.” These are all extremely competitive tournaments and Greenville’s motivation and drive should help them compete at a high level.


Ray Hingson and David Weyers www.
Ray Hingson and David Weyers




The team seems to have a new look this year. “Last year we only had one boat. This is going to be an amazing year because now we have two boats for our tournaments,” Hingson said. This will allow Greenville to put more people out on the water which in return will help them compete with the other teams even more.  “We are one of the first colleges to get sponsored by the biggest fishing company in the world, Daiwa, so now we have some of the best gear to use out on the water to fish to the best of our ability,” Hingson said. It is impressive for Greenville to receive these sponsorship’s after only being a team for three years.

Trey Gibson and Daniel Ellenburg
Trey Gibson and Daniel Ellenburg

 These Greenville bass fishermen are ready to get out on the water and start reeling in some big fish. It is incredible to see where this team has come in just a few years, and it is exciting to see where they are going. This team is making great strides with their competitive fishing, and I expect that these men will do great things out on the water this year.



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