Introvert or Extrovert

Written by Megan Burns. Media by Baylen Whitfield[divide]

Take this 10 question quiz to find out if you are an introvert, extrovert, or ambivert!

1. After a long day, you…

a. Go lay across your friend’s bed and chat.

b. Go straight to your room and watch Netflix.

2. When faced with a tough decision, you…

a. Just pick one and worry about the consequences later.

b. Make a pros and cons list.


3. It’s Thursday night, and Vespers just got out, you…

a. Send out a group text to see who wants to grab fries and a shake.

b. Take a walk with a couple friends to talk about the message.

4. Someone just said something you do not agree with, you…

a. Reply with your feelings on the matter.

b. Keep quiet, then complain to your friend later.

5. The time has come to make your fall schedule, you…

a. Sign up for lectures and discussion-based courses.

b. Register for a few lectures, but stick to online courses.

6. Your biggest fear is being trapped in a room…

a. alone.

b. full of people.


7. When the Admissions office sends out emails asking for help, you…

a. Email back offering to give tours, make calls or house preview students.

b. Delete the email, knowing someone else will help.


8. Housing lottery is coming up soon! You…

a. Are banking on a pod with all your friends.

b. Are questioning the possibility of a single room.


9. No school Monday, you…

a. Throw a game night Sunday night.

b. Head home for the long weekend.


10. You just got invited to a party, and the host told you to bring friends, you…

a. Invite everyone you talk to.

b. Go alone, so you can sneak out early.


If You Have…


IMG 2016-03-07 10-47-14
Image by Megan Burns

Six or more A’s, you are an EXTROVERT.

You would much rather be surrounded by people than sitting alone. You want to be known by all and to know everyone. You are easy to talk to, and it is easy for you to make conversation. It doesn’t matter if you are best friends or you just met, you are willing to go out of your way to talk to anyone. You thrive on spur of the moment decisions and worry about consequences later. You are the life of the party. Some famous extroverts are Oprah Winfrey, Walt Disney, and Whoopi Goldberg.


Six or more B’s, you are an INTROVERT.

Image by Baylen Whitfield
Image by Baylen Whitfield

You gain energy from alone time. Unlike many think, you are not a loner. You have the ability to make friends, but you chose to keep just a few people close. You like to think things through and not make spontaneous decisions. After being in crowds, you tend to feel exhausted and need some alone time. Some famous introverts include Albert Einstein, Eleanor Roosevelt, and Dr. Seuss.


Five and five, you are an AMBIVERT.

You don’t quite fit into either category. You show characteristics of both the introvert and the extrovert. Embrace your uniqueness and take one day at a time. Some famous ambiverts are Angelina Jolie, Marilyn Monroe, William Shakespeare, and Leonardo DiCaprio.


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