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Written by Megan Burns. Media by Baylen Whitfield. [divide]

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Krochet Kids is a non-profit organization started by three college friends, striving to make a difference in Peru and Uganda. Three boys started their passion for crocheting in high school. Travis, Stewart, and Kohl made headwear for their mountain trips. It started to spread in high school, and they sold some headwear to fellow classmates.

As college rolled around, the crocheting came to a halt, as the boys struggled to stay in touch. The love for crocheting and helping others never left. In college, the boys fell in love with traveling, not only for leisure but also to help others. After a summer trip to Uganda, Stewart told the others of the poverty-stricken camps supported by the government. “It was then that we realized the simplicity of crocheting to be its most profound quality.” The boys quickly realized they could make a difference, and they jumped on the opportunity.

They were struck by the idea that many people try to help the needs of people in poverty, but it is so often short term. People help to fix a problem today but don’t look to the future for sustainability. The boys knew they could change that. They showed 10 women in Uganda how to crochet. The products were sold to friends and family back in the states. They became a non-profit organization and now have an entire line of products available for purchase. “Today, over 150 people in Uganda and Peru are working, receiving education, and being mentored toward a brighter future in creating gifts that give back.”

Through this program, the people working are making money and receiving an education. There is a total of 150 people in Uganda and 50 people in Peru experiencing this life changing opportunity to work and support themselves. Each of their products is signed by the maker to give a personal touch. Not only are they changing the lives of those people, but also changing the idea of what an apparel company looks like. These three guys have made a difference in so many lives, and you can help! There are a few ways to get involved. The simplest is to purchase products from their online store. Give someone a job, get a great product, and keep this foundation going.

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If you are happy with your product then write a thank you note. In the time since they have started, the guys have traveled to Uganda to deliver the thank you notes to the women, and the reaction is priceless.

Another opportunity great for college students is an internship. “Our jobs & internships opportunities offer amazing hands-on experience in roles ranging from social media and photography to inventory management and events, and everything in between. Interns get a behind-the-scenes look at nonprofit/social enterprise work on every level, and are crucial to what we do.”

They have locations in Uganda, California and Peru. Krochet Kids is a non-profit organization improving the lives of over 200 people in Uganda and Peru. I encourage you to get involved. Check out their products, or apply for an internship. Check out their full story here, or get to know the women behind your products . Whatever you do, take some time to look into this amazing organization.





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