March Madness Preview

Written and Media by John Dudley. [divide]

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The 2016 NCAA Men’s Basketball tournament will be an interesting tournament to say the least. This 2015-16 men’s basketball season has seen a lot of parody compared to past seasons. There hasn’t been a clear picture of who is the best team in the country. 


The 2015 NCAA men’s tournament had a clear favorite to take home the trophy, and that was the University of Kentucky. The 2015 University of Kentucky Men’s Basketball team 
finished the regular season undefeated and entered post-season play undefeated as well after winning their conference tournament. When you look at the amount of teams that held the 
number one spot atop the AP Poll this year it doesn’t give any indication of who’s the best team 
in the country. Eight different teams occupied the number one spot throughout the season. 
 This NCAA men’s tournament is up for grabs as usual but it won’t be a shocker if anyone gets upset. The tournament’s top seeded teams are the University of Kansas
University of North Carolina, University of Oregon and the University of Virginia. A number one seed has never lost in the first round, but this year there may be a one seed in trouble. The University of North Carolina is slated to play against Florida Golf Coast.  FGCU went on a magical run in 2013 as a fifteenth seed, knocking off Georgetown and San Diego State to reach 

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the Sweet 16. It’s a long shot for a sixteen seed to upset a number one seed, but when you look 
back at this past season, the University of Northern Iowa beat the University of North Carolina in the regular season 71-67. Florida Gulf Coast University isn’t your average number sixteen seed who’s ecstatic just to make the big dance. Florida Gulf Coast is a team trying to prove they belong. They’ve already picked up their first win in the tournament’s first four play in game vs. 

Another potential upset could involve the Panthers of Northern Iowa.  It won’t surprise many 
if the University of Northern Iowa picks up a victory against the University of Texas in that first round game. 
This should be a very interesting tournament, just because you never know what upsets are looming. The University of Kansas is a team that many say will be cutting down the nets on April 4 in Houston. A team that has found their groove going into the tournament are the 
University of Kentucky Wildcats, who have won their last five games led by Tyler Ulis.  Ulis is a 5’9 

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point guard who some people think should be in the conversation for AP player of the year award. Many people say that the University of Kentucky got snubbed with a four seed. All the more reason that this year’s NCAA men’s basketball tournament will be filled with teams looking to prove that they’re the best team in the country.  Sit back, relax and enjoy the madness!


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