Spring Break for YOU

Image by Baylen Whitfield

Written by Magan Burns. Media by Baylen Whitfield. [divide]

Spring break is just around the corner, and the time has come to plan out your trip. Greenville’s spring break is March 19th- March 28th. Find the trip that is perfect for you!

Image by Baylen Whitfield
Image by Baylen Whitfield


For the Beach Bums…


Sand in your toes and salt in the air. Those of you that want to come back to Greenville nice and tan or relaxed, the beach is for you. Word is that the craziest spring break places will be Panama City, Myrtle Beach, and Miami. So, avoid those, and hit Bowman Beach Florida, Cumberland Island Georgia, or Sandbridge Beach Virginia if you want a quiet getaway.



Image by Baylen Whitfield
Image by Baylen Whitfield

For the Snow Bunny…

If you already miss the snow, hit the slopes. Spring break doesn’t have to be all beaches. Take a trip out to the Rocky Mountains. There are many slopes to choose from.  Make sure to bundle up!


For the Adventurers…

If hiking a few miles to a beautiful waterfall sounds like heaven to you, a trip to the Smokies is right up your alley. Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg are small cities with some great hiking trails. Make sure and take a lot of pictures, they will stand out among the spring break party pics!

Image by Baylen Whitfield
Image by Baylen Whitfield







For the Shop-a-holics…

If spring break is all about treating yourself, you’ll need a shopping get away. Depending on which mall is closest to you, hit one of the greatest malls in America. Whether is week long or a weekend trip, treat yourself this break!


For the Home Bodies…

There is no shame in spending your week long break binge watching Netflix in your own bed. It is a midpoint in the semester, and families love having their college students home. If you don’t want to go to your own home, go home with a friend. Parents thrive in entertaining their kids’ college friends. Just make sure you ask first!


For the Undecided…

Why choose just one place to spend the week? Many other colleges have a different week off than Greenville, so go visit friends and college hop. Pack some clothes and a sleeping bag, and spend a day or two visiting a few of your friends’ colleges. It is great bonding time with old friends. Ask ahead of time, so they for sure have time off to show you around!


For everyone…

Wherever you decide to travel to this spring break, plan ahead. To save money, travel in groups. Take turns sleeping on the beds, so you can fit a lot of people into the hotel. The more people there are, the more money being chipped in for gas. If you aren’t driving, buy plane tickets today! Spring break is coming up fast, so make sure you get your tickets before prices go up. Always triple check the date and time, to make sure you booked the flight for the right day. Make sure you ask your family for free places to stay because hotels can make or break a trip financially. To avoid expensive dinners out, take groceries with you. Stock the car full of snacks and premade sandwiches. No matter what, remember that you did sign a lifestyle statement. Don’t waste your break by waking up with no memory of the night before. Be smart, be safe and make your break memorable.



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