Weird Sport: Underwater Boxing

Underwater Boxing in the ocean. Women boxing

Written and Media by Austin Brinkman [divide]

If you enjoy watching or participating in the sport of boxing then you might enjoy this weird sport, which might require a nose plug and goggles to watch. Underwater boxing will take boxing to the next level of extreme. It will grab your attention pretty quickly. While the setting is obviously very different, training underwater can actually help regular boxers become better at their own sport. Mohammed Ali trained a lot in the water, and if “the greatest” can attest to it, we know it has to be effective.

Muhammad Ali training underwater. Image from
Muhammad Ali training underwater. Image from

Underwater boxing creates great cardio, stamina and rhythm that helps to develop great balance. While it takes more energy and is more intense, it will help increase cardio and lung strength. Since you have to hold your breath to be able to box underwater, it in turn makes your lungs stronger.  This helps to increase stamina in longer fights.

Underwater boxing helps to build up more cardio and stamina than strength does because of the resistance of the water. While people are boxing and training underwater their motions slowdown, which allows them to focus more on their form and the position for their body for the fights. That creates more balance and power for the fights as well.

I think I would suggest this for the people who want to start boxing, but don’t want to get hit by hard punches. Boxers will get the lightweight punches at first to the face and body. Basically the water slows down the punches, and the movement of the legs and feet are slow because of the resistance of the water.

Ladies taking punches at each other in a underwater boxing match. Image from
Ladies taking punches at each other in a underwater boxing match. Image from

The rules for underwater boxing are pretty simple. All the rules of regular boxing still apply. Boxers have to hold their breath under water for one minute for three rounds. In between each round they are able to get some air before the next round. Eventually a champion will be crowned based off those three rounds. It can be deadly to play this weird sport because one punch could possibly kill you.

The weirder a sport can get the more likely it will bring spectators to watch it. Once we hear from others about a weird sport like underwater boxing, it will grab our attention.

I think and believe that underwater boxing could be a lot of fun, but hard to start right off with no training because cardio is an extremely important aspect of it. Would you try underwater boxing? Are you up for a match?  Put up your dukes!





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