Where Worlds Collide: Songwriting

Article and Media by Tyler Wright.


Music is powerful. It stimulates, soothes, gives voice to unspoken feelings and connects people. It’s an avenue through which we connect to God, whether it be in private or corporately through church services, chapel or Vespers. Music is universal. It’s accessible for all regardless of musical ability.

Welcome to a new series from the Papyrus’ D&D section, titled Where Worlds Collide – an insight to where different expressions of the people on GC’s campus interact with their faith and relationship with God. In our first episode, we take a look at the intersection of God and songwriting through the eyes of one of GC’s most prolific musicians – Adam Curry.

Source: Adam Curry Facebook

Curry grew up predominantly in Wheaton, Ill. amidst a family of musicians. Playing guitar since the age of ten, his talent and passion for music grew quickly, leading him to many different avenues of expression.

Curry felt a call on his life to serve others through music, and he took that call very seriously. As a songwriter, performer and worship leader, the balance between the different paths is tricky. As a songwriter, he strives to serve and discover who he is and who God is.

When asked about how his music interacts with his faith, Curry said, “With my songwriting, I am constantly trying to discover more about the world around me and the God that I serve. I approach songwriting as a safe place to ask hard questions that I maybe wouldn’t get to ask in a normal discussion. I feel like God reveals more of who He is to me when I write about the hard questions, and I see how he shapes me with the words I choose to put on paper.”

Source: Adam Curry Facebook

Curry expounds upon his desire to reach and serve others with his music, “My hope is that my art is honest and brings a feeling of hope to those who hear it. The scary part is putting my words out in the open for people to hear and judge. It can be a very humbling and vulnerable experience, but I believe that God works in that. He can use that to prompt a heart to hear from Him, and all I have to do is sing honestly.”

Curry looks on to graduation in May, after which he will return to Wheaton to continue his career as a worship leader and charismatic performer with his new band, Owens Room. Undoubtedly, he has marked GC’s campus with an unforgettable legacy of passion, creativity and service that will carry on for years to come in his influence on others.


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