Bringing Back Hogue

Written by Leanna Westerhof. Media by Kayla Morton.

Hogue Hall being demolished

Greenville College decided to reconstruct the famed Hogue Hall that was torn down in 2008. It was sadly destroyed by a wrecking ball due to the structure not being sound. In 1855, it was built in honor of the first President of the College, Wilson T. Hogue, and for 150 years stood as the renowned symbol of GC. Greenville College was hopeful the state would reconstruct the old building, but the cost ranged from $8 to $9 million in repairs.

In 1855, Greenville College was Almira College for women. Since women receiving an education was a controversial topic in that time period, an all girl’s college was a revolution. Reverend John Brown White was the founder and was inspired to build Almira College so his six daughters could receive an education. Meetings began in his old Victorian house but they eventually moved to Hogue Hall. It was built quickly and the bricks weren’t cooked right which led to the eventual reunion with the wrecking ball in 2008.

Hogue Hall once stood as the figure and heart of Greenville College, and now it is finally being rebuilt. The occasion is because Greenville is becoming a university. Construction will start this summer and they would like it to be the cake-topper, so to speak, for the unveiling of Greenville University in 2017. It will by styled just as the old Hogue Hall with a modern twist.

President Filby commented, “We are so excited to announce the returning of Hogue Hall which was an icon of Greenville College for so long. This has been in the works for a long time and despite these trying financial times, we should be able to go through with it.”

Hogue Hall

Financially the timing might not be great, but if Greenville College is able to swing it, Hogue Hall will once again be the symbol of Greenville College. In its reconstruction, alumni will be able to fondly look back on the days when the building was standing on Hogue Lawn (which is right next to Scott Field, the lawn in-between the union and Marston). 

An alumni commented, “Hogue Hall has a very special place in my heart because that is where I met my wife, Sidney. She and I had class in there together and when I heard that they had to knock down Hogue Hall my wife and I had to mourn a little.”

Next semester, returning Greenville College students will have a beautiful sight in store for them. Greenville is taking back her heart, and the sight will surely be magnificent!

April Fools! Hogue Hall is not being rebuilt and Greenville was never an all girls school.



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