Campus Profile: When We Were Roommates

Written by Whitney Vitt. Media by Riley Hannula.


Source: Kaylee Summers
Source: Kaylee Summers

“When We Were Roommates,” a live WGRN radio show that aired this semester, stars two former roommates, Kami Suess and Kaylee Summers. These girls get together every Monday from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. in the WGRN radio station studio. Suess and Summers were roommates their freshmen year and have been friends ever since. Below is an inside look at their radio show:

When did the show begin?

Suess: “The show started at the beginning of this Spring semester.”

What made you want to start a radio show?

Summers: “’When We Were Roommates’ is for class. We just wanted to have fun together since we are no longer roommates and we aren’t in a ton of classes together.”

Do you write a script?

Suess: “We wrote a script our first show and we tend to follow that.”

What do you talk about on the show?

Summers: “What we did when we were roommates, faith topics, health tips, song of the week, holidays, what’s going on in our lives and other subjects.”

Suess: “News, weather, current holidays, exercise tips, memories, GC athletics and Papyrus article updates. We also have a ‘Song of the Week’ where we play a song based on faith for our listeners and then talk about it.”

Source: Kami Suess Facebook
Source: Kami Suess Facebook

What is your favorite memory from the show?

Summers: “Every time we talk about all of our favorite memories on air and embarrass each other while making each other laugh.”

Suess: “The whole show has been a blast. It has been fun doing something with such a great friend!”

Will this radio show continue into the next school year?

Summers: “No, it will not continue because I am graduating and the class is ending.”

Suess: “The show will be ending at the end of this school year. We only have about three more Mondays! So tune in!”

Suess and Summers are taking part in a long history of radio shows at Greenville College. Department Chair of Communication and Media Studies and General Manager of WGRN, Dr. Holman, shares, “WGRN’s first broadcast was November 1952. It was started by a $350 class gift, which incoming senior and physics major, Cordon Kerns, used to build the first transmitter.” Over 60 years later, WGRN is still broadcasting. The radio station brings in around 35 students each semester, making up the WGRN staff. The students work hard and dedicate time throughout their week to help the station run properly and be successful. Suess and Summers are a few of the many students involved in WGRN. The two girls enjoyed their time together at Greenville College and the WGRN radio show will add to their many memories.

Stay up to date with WGRN by going to their Facebook page or website, where you can listen to the show live, find their mission statement and other information about Greenville College. Listen to these girls on Monday’s from 11:00 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Source: Kaylee Summers Facebook
Source: Kaylee Summers Facebook


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