Dr. Ben Wayman: Campus Profile

Written by Stephanie Rodriguez. Media by Riley Hannula.

All media by Riley Hannula
All media by Riley Hannula

Professor of Theology, Dr. Ben Wayman, began working at Greenville College in 2013. He teaches a variety of classes involving scripture, theology and ministry including CORE 102 and 301. Some of the classes he teaches include New Testament Survey, Pauline Epistles, Synoptic Gospels and Homiletics. Dr. Wayman studied at Greenville College and graduated in 2002 with a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy and Psychology. He then went to Duke Divinity School and received a Ph.D in Historical Theology at Saint Louis University in 2013.

As the Director of the Ministry Internship Program, he mentions, “My role is to help students find places that are a good fit for them. My main goal in their internship is for them to clarify their calling.” He advises students to find internships that provide a variety of things to help them test out different areas.

P1000026Investing in what matters, like relationships, is one of the reasons Dr. Wayman chose Greenville College as a student and professor. He and his wife, Michelle Wayman, met as students at Greenville College and married when they graduated. Caden, Cole and Connor are their three young boys, ages 9, 6 and 4. One way that Dr. Wayman invests in his family is by playing a competitive game of Monopoly. His youngest, Connor, enjoys being the banker.

Dr. Wayman’s favorite restaurant in Greenville is Mario’s Pizza and he usually orders the Jake Amundson special: pizza with broccoli, onion, mushroom, bacon and sausage. He went to seminary in North Carolina and returned to Greenville to take a post as pastor for the St. Paul’s Free Methodist Church. During that time, he became an adjunct professor at Greenville College teaching bible and Greek classes. He went back to school and got his Ph.D. and has been a professor at GC ever since.

Be sure to check out the following video of Dr. Wayman’s interview. Below are some questions asked during the interview.

1.     How did you meet your wife?

2.     What do you consider ideal family time?

3.     Growing up, what kind of church did you attend?

4.     What sparked your interest in theology?

5.     How did you become a professor at Greenville College?

6.     What’s your role as the Director of the Ministry Internship Program?

7.     What is one the biggest moments in your life that God has reached out to you?



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