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Getting the boat ready. Greenville College Bass Fishing.
Getting the boat ready.
Image from Greenville College Bass Fishing.




There are 340 teams in the Collegiate Bass Fishing circuit, and Greenville College is sitting in a very high spot at 25. This is the highest that Greenville has been since the start of the program. Greenville has been competing well and is trying to reach a national tournament spot.


This past weekend, the team made the trip to Table Rock Lake, which is in the southwestern part of Missouri, near the border of Arkansas. Greenville took two boats and four fishermen on the trip.  The second boat is new for GC this year, as the extra boat has allowed them to put two more fishermen on the water. This past weekend however, the team ran into some mechanical troubles.“We had a lot of boat trouble all weekend, so only one of our boats was able to fish,” Joey Seabaugh said. Greenville was able to rent a boat at the tournament, but that one also broke down. In spite of all the boat problems, the team was still able to place in the top 65 in this large tournament.

Out on the water. Greenville College Bass Fishing.
Out on the water.
Image from Greenville College Bass Fishing.


Greenville has been taking big strides in the bass fishing world, including increased sponsorship.  “(Sponsorship) gives us a better chance of having less equipment malfunctions,” senior fisherman Trey Gibson said. Along with new sponsors has come a new boat, which is giving these fisherman twice the amount of opportunities that they were receiving last year.


The tournaments that the team participates in is based off of points received. This means that the more people they can get out on the water, the better their chances are at receiving more points. This past weekend Seabaugh and Ray Hingson brought in two fish. “Only two keepers. We were catching short fish all day and just never found the big ones,” Seabaugh said. Who knows how much higher Greenville could have placed if they would have had their second boat out in the water.


This bass fishing team is growing and it is exciting to watch how the team members are representing Greenville College at the national level. In just the first few years of the program, they have fought their way into the top 25 fishing teams in the circuit and are continuing to improve. The sky is the limit for this program, and hopefully a spot in the national fishing tournament is in its near future.












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