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Written and Media by Alex Carie.




It’s that time again! Time to break the boots out, lace up and get back into the beautiful game of soccer. As long as the rain stays away, the Greenville College Men’s Soccer team is happy because that means they can get out on the pitch again. The team has been playing all winter long in the rec center late at night to get some “court time.” They have also been hitting the weights hard four days a week ever since their season finished last fall.

Interview with Tyler Earick Photo by: Alex Carie
Interview with Tyler Earick
Photo by: Alex Carie
Tyler Earick passing the ball. greenville.edu
Tyler Earick passing the ball. Image from greenville.edu

The Greenville Men’s soccer team practices three days a week, on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. They also have lifting throughout the week. Freshman Tyler Earick says that he, “is ready to get back into shape and just ready to be playing the sport he loves with the team that he has grown very close with this spring.” The soccer team has always been known for being a very closely knit group, and the spring is a perfect time for the guys to enjoy the game and to spend it with their brothers.

“The spring is a great time for us to go back and work on fundamentals and regroup. I have been able to gain college experience when it comes to soccer, along with the rest of the freshman. Us freshman have put on some muscle and are ready to have a great season now that we know what to expect,” Earick said. The team has been focusing on the defensive side so far this spring. Losing senior captain Richie Hershkowitz is going to be tough to overcome, but this team is taking the rights steps to make sure that they don’t lose a beat when they hit the field again this coming fall.

Edgar Bueno sending in a corner kick. greenville.edu
Edgar Bueno sending in a corner kick.
Image from greenville.edu

Confidence can mean everything in the world of sports, and to see the confident men’s soccer team take the field is a comforting feeling. The experience from Edgar Bueno and Coleman Childers will be key in leading this team to a successful season. Edgar is a returning midfielder that received first team all-conference honors. These two players have been taking this young team under their arms and have been leading them to the goal of making the NCAA tournament. I have had the privilege of being at a few of the practices and I can say that this is a very hard working team, a team that is trying to put themselves in a position to win the SLIAC conference.

Many of the players are starting to trust in one another after having played together for a full year now. It is a young team, so the fact that they are able to trust in one another on the field is going to be extremely crucial into how next season plays out.

The highlight of the spring for the soccer team will be the tournament they will host on Saturday, April 30. Please come out and support the Greenville College Men’s Soccer team as they compete this spring!













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