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Written by Stephanie Rodriguez & Morgan Johnson. Media by Katie Wallace. [divide]

Rumors that changes are being made to the CORE 401 curriculum include the class changing to three credits, themes changing and CORE 401 being offered during Interterm. Surprisingly, the CORE 401 class has been cancelled for the remainder of the semester and taken out of the general education requirements.

Image from Greenville College Facebook Page
Image from Greenville College Facebook Page

You read that right. The beautiful statement that all current and upcoming seniors have been waiting to hear. CORE 401 has been cancelled. Forever. If you are still trying to get your thesis approved, your prayers have been answered. Go. Enjoy life. Feel this incredible burden lifted off your weary shoulders. CAN I GET AN AMEN?!

The MAP Grant situation left the school with a lack of funds, so to keep the college open changes in the curriculum had to be made. In hearing that the class adds stress to students and those advising the class, the college board members eliminated the class altogether.

Image from
Image from

Dr. Eric Watterson, among other professors who are CORE 401 mentors, took a severance package earlier this month. This means that students currently enrolled in the class aren’t required to complete it.

Dr. Watterson commented, “This is a good opportunity to take time to travel and experience things I haven’t with my family. Plus, this year has been so stressful I lost a lot of hair over it. Don’t cry, just enjoy this tremendous gift! Good luck to all students!” Since no one can replace Dr. Watterson’s leadership role, seniors get a passing grade and graduate May 21.

There are no CDL presentations on Thursday, May 5. Instead of preparing for presentations, all students have more time to spend with friends before commencement weekend.

Senior Katie Wallace, a veteran of CORE 401 commented on the news: “I can’t like believe that like after finishing last semester, current seniors like enrolled in CORE 401 like get to just skip out. They should have to like complete some kind of test like the Presidential Fitness Exams. This always happens to me.”

Just kidding, y’all still have to present on Cinco de Mayo and every student is required to take CORE 401 to graduate. If it makes y’all feel better, you can eat “pico de gallo and tacos al pastor” after your presentations. Best of luck to everyone!

April Fools!


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