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Every student always looks forward to spring break because it’s a time to relax away from college without stressing over academic assignments. Would you say your spring break was one of the best experiences of your life? The following are adventurous spring break stories directly from Greenville College students.

Source: Trey Adams
Source: Trey Adams

Trey Adams

“A few friends and I (Robert Deering, Joseph Coffey, and Ashton Brown) drove over 7 hours to Knoxville, Tenn. for a fun-filled trip in the Smoky Mountains. During our trip, we stayed in an awesome cabin. We went to the Great Smokey Mountains National Park, Chimney Mountains where we saw great valleys, beautiful heights, and rivers that seemed to never end. On the second day, we went to Abrams Falls and saw cliffs and waterfalls. The third and final day, we went to Andrews Bald Mountains and witnessed magnificent views. On all of the other days, we played games (mini golf, ping pong, pool, basketball, washers), ate great food (steaks and catfish) and watched the NCAA March Madness tournament. Overall, it was a trip I’ll never forget.”

Roman Butler

“This spring break, I went on a cruise! It went from Galveston, Texas to Cozumel, Mexico, the Cayman Islands and Jamaica. This was my first cruise and didn’t know what to expect. There was a lot to do on the ship. There was a water park, high ropes course, mini golf, basketball court, gym, and several other areas including restaurants and shops. The best parts of the trip, by far, were the days we spent on the islands. We were able to hang out on the beaches, go snorkeling, swim with sting rays, jump off cliffs and much more. The most memorable part of each island was getting to see the different cultures and interact with the locals. My favorite island was Jamaica, because of how welcoming the people were and how appreciative the Island was of tourism. I can honestly say I will remember this trip for the rest of my life. I recommend going on a cruise because it will change your perspective on traveling.”

Source: Kristen Davis
Source: Kristen Davis

Kristen Davis

“Tori Paulin, Taylor Kaufmann, Bryson Davis, a few of our friends and I headed to Tampa, Fla. for a week and it was AMAZING! We got to walk on the river walk, go kayaking, and spend a few days on the beach. The funniest part of the trip was learning how everybody functions without sleep. It brought us closer as friends. I’m also surprised it didn’t scare some of us away from being friends, meaning, I’m shocked people still are my friends after seeing me with zero sleep.”

Conner Earlywine

“A few GC students and I went to Michigan from Sunday to Wednesday and went snowboarding! My favorite part of Michigan was being with my friend Andres when he crashed. When we got back to Greenville on Wednesday, we took off to Clermont, Fla. and stayed there Thursday through Saturday. We watched the GC Women’s Softball games and went to Cocoa Beach for a whole day. On the way home, we stopped in Nashville, Tenn. We were able to hang out on Broadway Street and have dinner.”

Source: Jantzen Michael

Laura Goodnight and Jantzen Michael

“A group of our friends went to Seattle, Wash. We went downtown for a day and went to Pikes Place Market, the original Starbucks, the pier, ate seafood, rode the Great Wheel and went to the Space Needle. The next day we went to Snoqualmie Falls and got Mercury’s Coffee. We went up to the San Juan Islands and stayed at Laura’s cabin. Her dad took us out on their boat. We went kayaking, walked on the beach, went in her hot tub. We also went up to the Sheep Meadow which overlooks the oceans, neighboring islands and Mount Rainer. We rode motor bikes, made homemade ice cream, made s’mores and watched movies. Saturday we went up to the mountains to a small town called Leavenworth. It’s Bavarian themed and is really popular with tourists. It’s in the Cascade mountain range and we passed two different ski resorts on our drive up! Towards the end of the trip the Filby’s joined us for Easter.”


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