Final Exam Do’s and Dont’s

Image by Baylen Whitfield

Written by Megan Burns. Media by Baylen Whitfield.


With finals quickly approaching, it is time to start the dreaded studying process. From highly caffeinated drinks to neat notes, here are all the tips and tricks to getting through finals, alive.


Dont listen to music while you are studying.


Image by Baylen Whitfield
Image by Baylen Whitfield

So many students turn on their favorite new Spotify playlist while pulling out their final notes. The only way to successfully retain the information with music is to play the same music while taking the test. Since most professors don’t allow headphones or speakers during a final, to better your performance, study in a quiet environment.


Take your notes with you.

If you have access to a laminator, laminate your notes. Around finals time, the picture of people studying in a hot tub is passed around social media. As silly as it seems, it is a good idea. Sitting in your room, you are likely to get distracted. Protect your notes (laminate them), and take them with you to a new environment to stay focused while studying.


Finals are next week.

According to psychologists, you are already late. The spacing effect suggests that you learn and retain information better when studying small bits over a long period of time. So, start today. Do not overwhelm yourself with hours of back-to-back studying. Set aside time to study, but give yourself breaks. Study for 20 minutes, and take 5-minute breaks. This is a perfect time to clean your room and start to pack up your stuff.


Find your study type.


Image by Baylen Whitfield
Image by Baylen Whitfield

There are multiple different ways to study. Some people like flashcards, some like quizzes and some like to reread materials. Find your specific study type, or try them all. Flash cards are great for studying definitions or things you need to memorize. Take notes. Your hand is already cramping, and it may seem like it is too late, but it is not. Take more notes, while rereading books or other notes, take more notes in the margins. Teach someone else the material. It is proven that most people learn best by teaching. Find a partner, or a willing family member that you can present your information to.


Try to stay organized.

Keep a planner with all of your exam dates and times. If you are not a planner person, grab a notebook and make your schedule list style. Make a list of things you need to do. Checking things off a to-do list will be an instant moral booster. Make a list of exams you have to take, things you need to study, and other things that need to be done, like pack up your belongings. Keep your study guides and notes separate.


Just chill out.

Think of all the people who have taken these courses before you. You can pass it, same as they did. It is never too late to put forth some effort, but don’t overwork yourself. Chill out. You will be ok. You will pass your finals. You will survive this semester. You will make it to summer. Remind yourself this, and remind your friends of this. Do not over work yourself. You have made it this far in the semester, finish strong!


It is time to start thinking about the upcoming finals. Do what you need to get through these weeks, and you will be home bound for summer vacation!



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