Greenville College: A Freshman’s Perspective

Written by Johnathon Goodenow. Media by Kayla Morton.

Greenville College has been an amazing experience for me as a freshman. I learned about relationships, faith, myself and the college experience as a whole. Since coming to Greenville, I have grown in many ways. Below is my Greenville experience.

Greenville College Campus
photo by: Kayla Morton


In high school, I was fairly reserved. Since coming to Greenville, I’ve made lasting friendships in such a short amount of time. Living in a dorm forced me to interact with a variety of people, and the friends I made are people whom I feel comfortable talking about my personal life with. I was told I would make life-long friends at college, but I didn’t think there would be so many of them.




backroom cafe
photo by: Kayla Morton

When I was “shopping” for colleges, I looked at the opportunities available on Greenville’s campus. The programs I was interested in, cross country, track and marching band, are available at Greenville College, but there is much more to college than those activities. For example, in January, I studied in Israel. While studying abroad may not be for everyone, there are plenty of other opportunities. At Greenville, The Backroom is available to students for open mic nights, Joyous Chaos performs improv shows and there are plenty of other activities on campus. There is no room for boredom outside of schoolwork.

Ganton Circle
photo by: Kayla Morton



Greenville College holds up its mission statement in providing a Christ-centered education. Every class and organization I have been a part of includes God in its discussions, practices and competitions. For example, we pray together and discuss deeper points of Christianity while studying history or literature. Even dorm-life is centered around God. RCs host bible studies  on a regular basis for residents and give advice to students from a Christian perspective.

Greenville College does more than collect chapel credits. I was cynical at first because I visited other Christian colleges and wasn’t convinced they were truly “Christ-centered.” But after my first day of marching band practice a week before classes started, I knew I was wrong. I thought college was going to be a higher form of high school. I expected to remain introverted and within my comfort zone, but I grew so much.


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