Soccer Spring Comes To An End

Written and Media by Alex Carie.



Rain. Rain can be the worst enemy of a spring season when it comes to any outdoor sport. The timing of the rain always seems to be at the time that we really don’t want it to come. This year it came at the worst possible time. It came when the Greenville Men’s Soccer team was trying to host their annual spring tournament. This was the one day that they were going to be able to play other schools and see if the skills that they had been working on had improved. It is always very depressing when you put in all that work in the spring for the tournament, only for it to be rained out.

Greenville College Men's Soccer
Greenville College Men’s Soccer


Even though the spring tournament was a bust, the team was still able to work on many skills throughout the spring. They were able to bond as a team and get used to playing with all of the guys. One of the best things was that the freshmen had a little bit of time to catch their breath and take in the training for the first time. Freshman Tyler Earick said, “It was nice to focus on the skill and technical part of our game. We didn’t get to do that at the beginning of the year because the season started up right away.” This is also the time that all the freshmen get to realize they will not be the youngest on the team in the following season, which gives them a little bit of confidence knowing they have gotten the first season of their careers under their belt.

This spring season has been about trying some new things also, as head coach Chris Swift said that he has tried some players out at different positions trying to find the best fit for the team. This is always another benefit of the spring, the ability to try new things and test out the team that you have since the seniors have all graduated and won’t be around anymore. This is why the spring tournament would have been nice to get some of the guys out in a game-like situation in that new position.

“All in all this has been a very productive spring,” said Earick. “We have been able to really bond and come together as a team and that seems to be the most important thing right now, knowing that we are trusting each other on and off the field better than before.” It is nice to see and hear that a team has had a productive off-season since they are such an important process in the growth of the team. We are all looking forward to the fall to see the team in action and all of their off-season work pay off.




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