Teammates Temporarily; Best friends Forever

Image by Tymber Gabbert

Written and Media by Tymber Gabbert.

Image by Nancy Brakenhoff
Image by Nancy Brakenhoff

From the crib to college, Jen and Hope Brakenhoff have done everything together. Hope (19) and Jen (22) grew up two and a half years apart resulting in a bond that cannot be broken, especially when it comes to sports. The Brakenhoff sisters participated on the same sports teams throughout high school and have continued their soccer careers together into college. However, things are soon to change as the realization sets in that the opportunity to play on the same sports team comes to an end. Hope, a sophomore here at Greenville College, will have to say goodbye to older sister Jen as she graduates and enters the real world.

There will be many qualities missing from the field when it comes to next season, but Hope believes that the guidance of her older sister is what will cause the biggest void. “Jen’s guidance is what I am going to miss most when next season comes around. She makes me feel more comfortable out on the field and she’s always just there for me,” Hope said.

Check out the video below to hear what the sisters have to say about their sports career together!


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