All College Hike 2016

Photo Taylor Neal

Written by Tabitha Rice. Media by Taylor Neal.

Students lined up ready to begin the All College Hike
Photo Taylor Neal

Last Wednesday was GC’s last All “College” Hike as we transition into Greenville University. The Greenville College Panther Corps marching band kicked off the day with some stand tunes as students got ready to walk, run, bike, etc., out to Durley Camp for fellowship with one another.

Greenville College Marching band plays as students gather outside of Whitlock
Photo by Taylor Neal


Students Walking during All College Hike
Photo Taylor Neal

In case you missed the hike or weren’t sure what some of the organizations were at the Opportunities Fair, here are a few of the organizations and events that happen on Greenville campus:

GCSA is the Greenville College Student Association. They are in charge of the fun events that happen on campus like All College Hike, Back to School Bash, and Midnight Breakfast.  If you don’t know what Midnight Breakfast is, you’re in for a treat at the end of the semester.

The Factory Theater is located across the street from CVS. They put on show-stopping productions at least once a semester but often much more than that. Emma Canady wrote an article about one of their productions, Next to Normal.

Vespers is a student-led chapel that happens every Thursday night at 9:30 PM. It’s great for night owls who have trouble getting up for chapel in the morning.

The Simple Room is an after school program for the local kids in Greenville that offers tutoring and activities and snacks. It’s a great way to get involved with the community off campus.

Connect 4 is a campus club that gets involved with the community of East St. Louis twice a week to tutor or just hang out with the children and play basketball.

If you want to know more about the Opportunities Fair, Dale Shelburne got the inside scoop in the video below. It features representatives from GCSA, the Factory Theater, First Baptist Church, Greenville College cheerleaders, Gateway Conference Free Methodist Church, Vespers, Simple Room, Agape Scholars International, First Christian Church, Greenville Free Methodist Church, Connect 4, several interterm classes, and the Bond County Humane Society.

So, for those of you who didn’t make it out to Durley or aren’t sure what these organizations are, the representatives have great information for you.


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