Concussion Movie Review


Written by Nathan Craig. Media by Paige Lunde.

If you’re looking for a dramatic, suspenseful, and sport-filled movie that’s worth your time,”Concussion” might be the movie for you! Protagonist Will Smith is captivating, as usual, but is not the only good thing in the movie. “Concussion” sets the tones through color and music. Darker colors take over the screen at serious times to show the weight of the scene; the music complements the color change by having a somber tone during serious parts to emphasize the point it is making. “Concussion” uses its darker tone at times to emphasize the film’s serious health issues.
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The movie is based on the true story of Dr. Bennet Omalu, portrayed by Smith, who takes on the challenge of going against a professional sports organization that “ruled” a day of the week.  He wants the NFL to agree with his findings that playing football causes health problems–mainly head injuries. He fights to prove that his research is real. As the truth becomes more and more clear, the NFL tries its best to destroy him and his theory. They go out of their way to protect the name and brand of the league. It comes down to the science versus the NFL, forcing the audience to ask: who will win the struggle for power, and will people learn the truth?

Will Smith did a wonderful job portraying Dr. Omalu’s struggle of doing the right thing for society or for himself. He found love for the first time and wanted to protect his family, but he also wanted to make the statement and let people know the truth. Smith used an accent to portray the fact that Omalu is not from the United States, though he loves the country. He is threatened and questioned by people in the NFL and FBI as he gets closer to the truth. It’s easy to see how torn he is over doing the right thing even though his family and friends become subject to the attacks as well. 

Throughout the struggle, he turns to God and religion. The movie uses religion and shows Christian aspects and beliefs. When done right, this integration of religion in film helps show people Christianity and spread God’s image. Rather than just scratching the surface of religion, “Concussion” hit on a huge religious ideal. It starts off with his local pastor asking him to help a woman who moved to the United States since he is a good man of God. Then, when Omalu doesn’t know what to do or how things will turn out, he just kneels and prays to God asking him for help through the situation, and for protection and guidance. It shows that when we have problems or tough choices in our lives, we need to give it to God. A movie that shows how important that is and that plays a part in spreading the word is inspiring. Its was nice to see “Concussion” touch on a religious theme and message.

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If you are looking for a good sports movie or something with a bit more drama and suspense, then this movie is the choice for you. If you are a fan of Will Smith, you will not be disappointed. “Concussion” provides a little bit of everything and ends as a movie I definitely recommend.


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