Fall Entertainment 2016

Written by Erin Lobner. Media by Caitlyn Campbell.

Students, faculty, friends, welcome back for our final year as Greenville College! Back-to-school days are an exciting time for everyone, from kindergarteners to super seniors. Once the initial hassle of moving in and adjusting to a new class load passes, most of us start looking for ways to have fun. Netflix is a decent starting point, but consider checking out some of the events on campus or in the larger entertainment world!

Last school year was packed full of musicals, movies, and various student performances; this year promises to be just as fantastic. Here are just a few of the events to expect for this school year.


First of all, GC’s first musical, “Next to Normal,” hit the Factory Theatre stage on September 8. (More about that performance here!) But if you haven’t purchased tickets for the “smash rock opera” yet, don’t fret! The show continues on this week with performances 15-18th.

For more student performances, stop by the Blackroom for open mic nights or concerts. The dark and cozy cafe environment makes you feel right at home no matter what type of act takes place. Follow the Blackroom’s Facebook page for event updates. Protip for freshmen: the Blackroom is the warehouse-type building located behind Janssen Hall.

In addition to the cool happenings on campus, a lot of great movies will hit the screens in the next year! This semester, the choices include Marvel’s “Doctor Strange,” J.K. Rowling’s screenplay of “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them,” and the newest addition to the Star Wars saga, “Rouge One: A Star Wars Story.” And, if you’re looking for a pre-Halloween spook, “Blair Witch” releases on September 16. To be honest, the preview is chilling.

In the past, many Greenville students have enjoyed making trips to St. Louis to watch shows at The Fabulous Fox Theatre. Last semester, for example, a group had a magical night attending a performance of “Beauty and the Beast.” So, book your ticket for a memorable evening. Some of the events this semester include “Once,” which is “an unforgettable story about going for your dreams… not living in fear… and the power of music to connect all of us,” and the more interactive Fox Theatre Ghost Tour.

This is just a brief overview of the year’s upcoming entertainment. As the year progresses, students will have many opportunities to attend entertaining events on and off campus. Make sure to stay updated, and go out to show support for your friends or community. Better yet, get involved! Take advantage of these final years of school by auditioning for a musical or performing at the Blackroom. But whatever you do, make it memorable.

One last request–comment to let others know what movies, musicals, performances, or other events you’re looking forward to this coming year.


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