GC Football 2016 Season Overview

Photo By: Lincoln Johnson

Written and Media by: Andres Flores.

Photo By: Tiffany Samsoe
Photo By: Tiffany Samsoe

The Greenville College Panthers met much adversity this year. Senior quarterback, Jacob Tibbetts, went down in the first game of the year and the veterans protested at the homecoming game. Between these happenings and anything else in between, there was a lot on the player’s plates this year.

Though there was a lot going on, the Panthers had a 2-8 record and still managed to put up some of the best numbers in the UMAC conference. They averaged 29.1 points and 384 yards a game, which was third in conference for both sections. Senior Lincoln Johnson was tied for fourth in 6.5 total sacks and senior, Cory Snyder, led the conference in four total interceptions. It’s the small victories that will help the team push through the adversity as they move to the offseason.

Photo By: Tiffany Samsoe
Photo By: Tiffany Samsoe

The offensive lineman coach, Joe Schoepf, just finished his second season as a Greenville coach and his transition from GA to assistant coach has been impressive. Check out Schoepf’s impressions on the season and what he’s looking forward to in the near future.




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