GC to GU

Graphic by: Rachel Koehnemann

Written by Johnathon Goodenow. Media by Rachel Koehnemann.

Picture by: Rachel Koehnemann
Picture by: Rachel Koehnemann

It’s been a while since Greenville College first announced its intent to become Greenville University during the fall of 2017. While students may be familiar with the new name and logo that will be implemented on Sept. 20, next year, there are a few more changes coming with this transition.

A major reason for this change is that the word “college” is translated in Spanish to “colegio”. “Colegio” refers to high schools rather than institutions of higher learning. The name change will make it easier to market Greenville to prospective students in Spanish-speaking countries.

Picture by: Rachel Koehnemann
Picture by: Rachel Koehnemann

Some of these changes are affecting students now. Greenville University will put more emphasis on dividing its majors and programs into different schools. The additions of the Briner School of Businessthe Bastion School of Theology, Philosophy, and Ministry, and the Center for Visual Culture and Media Studies have already been partially implemented. Each of these schools will have more direct control over the classes and programs offered within the majors they cover. Before these schools, Greenville administrators who are less involved with these courses have had the most control over the programs.

Overall, these changes are positive for the institution. The outreach and education quality of the school will increase with the university transition.

Dr. Reinhard, the Associate Dean of Education, gives more detailed reasoning behind these changes. Check out the podcast below to hear his thoughts!




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