Ginger, Spice, and Everything Nice

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Written by Brianna Anderson. Media by Baylen Whitfield.

Images by Baylen Whitfield
Images by Baylen Whitfield

The redheads on Greenville campus are looking good this Fall with the greens, reds, and oranges popping out in nature! These vibrant, natural colors complement a ginger’s light skin tone and bold hair color. With the change of seasons, it’s only fitting to give the handful of redheads walking around Greenville some recognition!  

 Ginger Fun Facts

Scotland = Gingerland

Some people believe the misconception that gingers are rare and mostly live in Ireland. However, Scotland is known to be more abundant in redheads with a grand total of 13 percent. WOW! Ireland is made up of 10 percent of gingers in their country. In the United States, the percentage of gingers can range anywhere from two to five percent. If you’re wanting to see more luxurious locks of red and orange, go visit Scotland or Ireland!

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Gingers Have Souls!

Many gingers are told they have no soul because of their hair color. This is because red is associated with Satan. For example, Hitler banned redheads from having children for fear of them being evil. They are also told that they are feisty and have a short temper. For the most part, gingers are just like everyone else in their temperament. They can be loving and caring but also sad and angry.

Pale Skin = Red Body

Gingers need sunscreen to keep them from turning the same color as their hair. Red headed’s pale skin absorbs more sunlight and causes them to burn more easily. It’s pretty obvious that redheads have to use more sunscreen than the average person but everyone already knew that, right?

Random fun fact: Redheads feel a different kind of pain than most.

No Love on the Big Screen

Images of film characters courtesy of google images.
Images of film characters courtesy of google images.

For some reason, in movies, gingers are generally portrayed as the mean ones. For example, A Christmas Story, Billy Madison, Back To The Future, and Air Bud are just a few. The classic movie, The Little Rascalsalso depicts the ginger as being the bully. Rude! 

Red Hair and Blue Eye

A combination of red hair and blue eyes is a very rare trait. They are unlike blondes in this sense since the majority of them have blue eyes. There is about one percent of red hair, blue eyed people in the entire world. A more common hair color for red heads is brown or green eyes.

Redheads don’t have much hair

It’s commonly misunderstood that red heads have a lot of hair. In actuality, they only have about 90,000 strands of hair. Other colors, such as brunettes and blondes, have around 120,000! That is a crazy difference!

There are millions of blondes and brunettes in the world but red heads still need some love. Redheads are one in a million with their rare hair color and characteristics. Literally! If you are lucky enough to know a red head, make sure you keep them around because there are only a few like them. Heck, they could even bring you good luck!


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