Written and Media by Lauren Buser.

The communications department is revamping their program as Greenville College transitions to Greenville University. WGRN, the radio station on campus, is excited to relaunch into a new age of radio. Ryan Mifflin and Jacob Burrell are tag teaming to make WGRN even better than before!

Photo by Lauren Buser
Photo by Lauren Buser

Students and faculty have devoted many years to running WGRN. In previous years, Carrie Holman ran the station. Many of his students assisted for class credit. Communications is no longer a major at GC but a group of six students helped Mifflin recreate WGRN. Mifflin commented on the exciting changes:

We’ve got a great student team and everyone is tackling their respective duties with the goal in mind to officially re-launch the station in the Spring. We’re enhancing our focus on campus news, unique sports coverage, and student-created content.”

Jacob Burell and Joseph Jeralds are the team’s engineering/technological help. Since the retirement of Holman, these two have been working with Mifflin to get the radio station in tip-top shape. They are currently working on inputting fresh material including music, liners, and podcasts.

Photo by Lauren Buser
Photo by Lauren Buser

Darryl Seals and Suzie Connor are working on music choices and podcasts. Connor found contemporary music in varying genres from Christian to Country. She is materializing a block schedule for the station and having certain genres play at certain times of the day. Seals is currently getting podcast shows together for the station. He plans to broadcast podcasts throughout the evening and give small blurbs throughout the day. Seals is also trying to start a live show in the evenings to give more personality to the station and the team.  

Other team members include Lauren Buser (me) and Angel Galdamez working with business and news. The news focus is on campus. We will be interviewing GC Spotlights (students or faculty on campus who have a story to tell).  

Photo by Lauren Buser
Photo by Lauren Buser

Galdamez is excited to start working with local businesses to underwrite and work with WGRN. Mifflin explains,

It is also our hope that the student body will get involved. Bands on campus are welcome to submit their music for consideration to be added to our playlists and those with ideas for a show, or ‘mini-cast’, are encouraged to contact anyone on the management team.”

The WGRN team is launching their new program March 2017.  The team is passionate about bringing the station to life again and carrying on the legacy that Holman held for years.  

From the WGRN team, thank you, Holman, for your years of dedication.  


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