Why Greenville Volleyball?

Greenville college womens vollleyball team media by Nathan Craig

Written and Media by Nathan Craig.

No matter where you are in your walk of life, there will be times when important decisions need to be made. Buying a house or car, planning a wedding, picking a career path, etc. One huge decision a lot of people face is choosing what college or university to attend. You are deciding where you are going for the next four years of your life. You leave home and now have to deal with more responsibility while trying to balance a social and a school life. Deciding where you will go to continue your education is a very important key to future success and should not be taken lightly. There are many great colleges and universities that can prepare you to lead a life full of success. One of these colleges is your very own Greenville College.

Greenville College is a great place to continue your education as well as further your walk with God through amazing chapel services and Christ-centered activities. This Christ-centered atmosphere also carries over to the athletic programs. Student athletes have the opportunity to gain a Christ-centered education and further their athletic career. Head Women’s Volleyball coach Tom Ackerman, as well as players junior Allyson Mitchell, sophomore Sarah Watts, junior Lauren Witte, and freshman Alex Falcone talked about why they decided to come to Greenville and how it is a great place to come for an education and athletics. Listen below!

It is evident that the Christian atmosphere and family culture are a huge draw towards the volleyball program and GC in general. As a college, students are encouraged to challenge their faith and partake in a journey where they can learn and grow together. Employees and students alike are open to freely talk about faith and GC is a place where you can grow in your faith and not be judged. Student athletes have an especially unique opportunity to experience growth in their faith as multiple sports teams, including women’s volleyball, hold bible studies and participate in team chapels. It may be difficult to adjust to life away from your family and the newness of moving to college, however, the GC women’s volleyball team makes the most of this unique opportunity and creates a new family with the members of the team. This is one of the reasons why the GC women’s volleyball program is so successful.

The Greenville Women’s volleyball program has won six consecutive conference titles heading into this year. With their wins on Saturday, October 29, the Lady Panthers recorded their seventh consecutive SLIAC conference title in a row. Witte states, “It’s pretty awesome knowing I’m able to be a part of such an awesome, hard working, determined team. I can see us continuing to get stronger in the future and keep this awesome winning record”. The team’s winning ways and positive culture is a big reason why many of the players decide to come to Greenville and participate in volleyball. Winning seven straight conference titles accomplishment that shouldn’t be taken lightly, but GC isn’t done yet. The Lady Panthers still have work to so as they look to get the number one seed in the SLIAC tournament by defeating Westminster College on November 2, in their last regular season game of 2016!

team celebrating 7 straight conference titles Media by Greenville College Womens Volleyball facebook page
team celebrating 7 straight conference titles Media by Greenville College Womens Volleyball facebook page


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