Paradigm Shifts: A Possible Result of Futuristic Ideas

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Curiosity possessed by humans throughout history has led to us exploring our world and its origins. From man discovering and taming firing, to the exploration of space over the last 50 years, these events have played a considerable role in increasing the wealth of human beings knowledge, enriching our perception of the world, and ultimately changing our way of thinking to another. Many of times these discoveries on the journey of seeking truth results in dramatic shifts in thought, as well as triggering political and social upheaval. These shifts are often referred to as paradigm shifts. Author Thomas Kuhn coined, defined, and popularized the term. He argued that scientific advancements are not evolutionary, but rather are “a series of peaceful interludes punctuated by intellectually violent revolutions.”

One of the most controversial achievements and instances of a paradigm shift in scientific history is was the discovery of the heliocentric theory of the solar system and the eventual crumbling of the geocentric theory of the solar system. This discovery has had far-reaching effects that extend beyond science into areas such as religion, and can be considerably be held responsible for The Galileo Affair.

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Galileo Galilei was the first astronomer to study the heavens with a telescope. He made numerous observations such as, the study of the sun and moon, Jupiter’s moons, and the phases of Venus, that convinced people of the heliocentric theory. For example, he used his telescope to prove to people that Venus had phases, which could be seen as it went around the sun.

Before advanced mathematics and physics from individuals such as Isaac Newton help to justify Galileo’s thoughts, Galileo was shunned and highly criticized by the Catholic Church for going against its beliefs and scripture. Many theologians argued this at the time stating that the glass in his telescope was simply casting an illusion upon his eye. This eventually led to Galileo being taken in for a court trial and being put on house arrest. Throughout time people realized that Galileo was right and that Galileo’s discoveries highly influenced change within the way people perceived the universe.
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Nowadays, we’re so consumed with technology and constantly pushing the boundaries in hopes to achieve futuristic advancements and lifestyles. There’s no denying the fact that the world is continuing to evolve and progress scientifically and with its technology. This may very well force individuals to feel uncomfortable at times and wonder how far will the world go before it gets ahead of itself and regret its decision. Will the world ever regret its decisions in scientific and technological advancements leaning towards a more futuristic world? Will the first scientific and technological advancements leaning towards a more futuristic world be ridiculously mind blowing that it forces us and our world as we know it into another paradigm shift? Our main focus is normally the science and technology of something when it comes futuristic ideas but these are questions that should not be neglected when discussing the future. Uproars and civil unrest issues are related to many things that are considered breaking society’s norms, taboo, and not of God’s will in various religions.

Along futuristic or revolutionary ideas and designs, paradigm shifts will arise, and although paradigm shifts are not common, they seem to always impact the world positively and negatively. Futuristic and revolutionary ideas and designs can be both good and bad for the world, similar to the paradigm shifts that come along with them. These things can be a major learning experience for society but the world needs to always be open to enlightenment because it will potentially limited conflict during future paradigm shifts that revolve around all the scientific and technological advances of the world.




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