My Journey- Adam Lamb

AM's First Show

Written and Media by Jesse Getz

When he’s not in the recording studio or on the stage singing, you can find Adam Lamb on the baseball diamond playing the game he loves. You may have seen him singing in the worship band during chapel or vespers as the sophomore baseball player is an Audio Engineering and Worship Arts major here at Greenville College. He is also a member of a new band on campus, AM.

Photo: Mike Moore Sports Photography, Adam Lamb Pitching

Originally being born in Chicago, his family moved to Arizona when he was three years old and they currently live in Gilbert (a suburb of Phoenix). Lamb was a single sport athlete in high school, with an exception of playing a little bit of golf. He made it clear that baseball is one of his two passions in life, music being the other, and how big of an impact it has had on him. “Baseball gives me an opportunity to connect with other people and build relationships,” Lamb said when asked about the importance of baseball to him.

Last year Lamb saw a good amount of innings on the mound and in the outfield for the Panthers during a successful freshman year. This year, in his sophomore campaign, he is likely to see an increase in his innings on the mound and is looking to become one of the Panthers top pitchers in the starting rotation. Last week I had the pleasure of sitting down and talking with Adam and discussing why he chose to come to Greenville College which you can listen to below!

Lamb is looking to have a very active spring between making a big impact on the field and also in the Greenville College music industry. His band (AM) played their first live show, February 14 at 8:30 PM, in the Black Room. Also be on the lookout for their first album, which is set to release sometime this spring.


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