A Step of Faith

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Written by Lauren Buser. Media by Quinten Brown.

Students International is an international organization that offers students short-term and long-term mission trip opportunities. Students have the ability to work through this organization as a mission, an internship, a semester abroad, or even a staff member. Greenville College partners with Students International to help our students have these opportunities. Sara Brewer, a student of GC, has opened her heart to going to Nicaragua to study abroad next fall semester.

Sarah Brewer on a mission trip. Picture from Sarah Brewer.


Students International’s mission is to bring students and the poor together cross-culturally to encounter God, share the Good News, disciple and serve others in occupational ministries. Their ministry sites include Costa Rica, Fiji Islands, Dominican Republic (Jarabacoa and Santiago), Guatemala, and Nicaragua. These mission sites include occupational, ministry, and mission opportunities that will suit any student. Some of these opportunities include agriculture, microfinance, education, nursing, dentistry, veterinary, media, and sports. Greenville College is offering a study abroad opportunity for fall of 2017, in Nicaragua. Sara Brewer, a student from Mississippi, has chosen to take this opportunity and is extremely excited.

“I’ve always wanted to study abroad and learn the cultures of other countries,” states Sara. She is excited for this opportunity to travel outside the country. She’s been doing mission trips since she was in seventh grade. She explained that she spent several summers doing work in Arlington, Texas as well as New Orleans. Upon asking her why she continues to do it, she replied,

“My mission trips have been an amazing thing getting to lead people to Christ and just seeing the look they have after they have experienced Him and His love is the best thing.”

Greenville College is helping Sara to fill out letters to friends, family and church family. This will help her get the funds she needs to go on this trip abroad. She knows she will benefit by seeing God’s work.  She has also begun to sell shirts to raise money. Her shirts have lyrics from the song “Oceans” on it. She explains how she clings to the lyrics of this song because she want’s to break the borders of her relationship with Christ in this mission. Sara also keeps Philippians 4:13 close to her heart, as she knows that God is the one who is truly strengthening her in this process.

Joy comes to all when Christ brings us together. Picture from Sarah Brewer.


I asked Sara if she had any thoughts or advice for others who had thought about taking on a journey like this. Her statement was this:

“Pray about it. See what God wants you to do and, when you figure it out, don’t argue with him. He will always win, so if he calls, go! It will all be worth it if it’s God lead.”

Sara is spending the next months praying and reading devotionals to prepare her heart for this amazing journey.  Blessings to Sara in this wonderful decision.

Philippians 4:13: I can do all things through him who strengthens me. (NRSV)


Watch the video below to learn more about Students International!


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