Coach Who? Coach Bell!

Written and Media by Ransom Cochrane.

Lamar Bell. Source: Greenville College

Every season for every sport is different: the outcome, the players, the coaches, and the atmosphere. Some change for the better and some change for the worse. Coaches come and go, you accept them when they are new, and you praise them when they leave. This week’s coach spotlight goes to a fresh new coach, Lamar Bell. Who is Coach Bell? Coach Bell is the new offensive assistant coach for the Greenville Football team.

Bell has returned to coach the 2017 Greenville Panthers Football team after leaving in 2014. Bell has had the opportunity to coach at many different teams most of which were at the college level. Bell coached at High Point Central High in 09’, NC A&T State University in 10’, Methodist University in 11’, Greenville College 12’-13’, and Bluefield College from 14’-16’. But where is Bell from? Bell was born on July 3rd, 1989 in Queens, New York. He grew up in Long Island New York where he attended high school at Bay Shore High School in New York. Bell played two years of football in middle school and two years in high school before transitioning to High Point University.

Bell was impacted by GC enough to come back for more, his favorite memory of GC was in 2012 when they won the Victory Bowl. Bell stated the upperclassmen leadership made the 2012 GC football season one to remember, it was the best overall staff that he had the chance to do life with. With great memories also comes great feelings, Bell was asked about his feelings of coming back to Greenville; his response was “I was excited about the opportunity. I have a great relationship with head coach Schomaker, as well as very strong relationships in Edwardsville. There are a ton of positives being back at Greenville College.” Bell has had great feelings of Greenville thus far. He loves the pace of the town; Bell grew up in higher populated areas and cannot stand traffic, I don’t think any us of can! Transitioning for Bell was very smooth, he received an overwhelming amount of support from many people here in Greenville.

Back in 2012 Bell saw a GA position posted online and decided to pursue it, he became in contact with Coach Ordell Walker who was the head coach at that time. But why Greenville Bell? “I truly believe God opened many doors for this to happen, I am glad he blessed me with enough wisdom to step through those doors. The opportunity to do life with my church family at Metro Community Church again was a huge in my decision process. When I chose GC, I felt like I was coming back home” said Bell.

Coach Bell. Source: Greenville College

Bell came on a visit before his time as a GA but did not have any crazy initial thoughts. Bell was very excited about the opportunity to coach football with men who saw developing Christ-like men as their number one priority in coaching.  Some goals Bell has is to become a head coach at the collegiate level, but for now he says “lets focus on learning all the player’s names, and organize my office”. Bells goal for the Greenville Football team is to fully embrace and to buy into EMAP. For the current players to stand on the shoulders of those who established and became EMAP, because of it they are some of the best husbands, dads, and employees he knows. Bell expects to go where ever the lord calls. He desires and likes to believe he has been obedient thus far. He does not know how long God wants him here, so for the moment he will focus doing life here.



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