Kaufmann Building Grand Opening

Media and Article by Olivia Maurer and Courtney Murphy

On April 28th, Greenville College officially opened the Kaufmann Building which will be a building dedicated to the Center for Visual Culture and Media Studies. The building includes a lounge, a computer lab, a gaming room, and podcast room where students have access 24/7. It’s also where you can find professors Deloy Cole, Alexandria LaFaye, Courtney Bailey-Parker, and Matt Bernico.

In honor of the building, there was a celebration that went on that was open to the college and the public. The event started off with the ribbon cutting then transitioned into human foosball and Super Mario gaming. After all that, the event finished at Maves Art Center where there was food, a DJ, and good company to celebrate with.

The Event went live on Facebook and if you happen to miss it, you can watch it here. It shows the ribbon cutting, as well as interviews with many professors.




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