Bald Is Better

Written by Dylan Deppe. Media by John Freeman.

What do people think about your hair? Do your friends or family ever say to you, “You’ve had that hairstyle for soooo long. You should get a new one.” Do you ever feel pressure? Pompadours, top knots, buzzcuts, lobs, slickbacks, bobs, flat tops, mohawks, and braids. There are a lot of hair styles out there. Do you ever feel overwhelmed by the options? Here is the best solution: shave your head bald.

Yep. Bald. As in, cut your hair as close to your scalp as possible. Your hair does not really need to be any longer than a millimeter or so. Maybe it is something that you have considered, but it intimidates you. First of all, it is just hair; it will grow back. Second of all, everybody’s already bald underneath their hair, so loosen up a bit and try something new.

“Are there any actual benefits to being bald?” you might be thinking. Why, yes there is. In fact, I do not see any benefits to having hair. You have not lived life until you have had a cool summer breeze tickle across your naked head. Seriously, there is a whole world of feelings you have yet to experience, and your nerves will thank you later. But I have never dealt with it getting sunburnt in the summer, or frozen in the winter, so do not worry about any potential seasonal impacts.

Also, just think about all the focus, care, and maintenance that goes into making your hair look presentable. You have to scrub it, wash it, comb it, dry it, iron it, etc. How many other parts of your body require that much care and attention, other than your stomach? You do not need hair to survive, so as far as I am concerned it does not need to be waited on hand-and-foot.

We have not even covered the fun stuff. If you really want to look cool, you have to shape your hair, spray it, or dye it. However, all that stuff probably is not healthy for your scalp. If you thought picking a general hairstyle was hard, just think about all the minutiae of different stylistic intricacies like hair color, shade, highlights, and everything else you can think of. Remember, you do not have to put yourself through that. Just shave your head, and forget about all the trouble.

Sir Patrick Stewart, Vin Diesel, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, and King Neptune are all examples of successful people who greatly embrace having a shaved scalp. Source: John Freeman


Maybe one of the most attractive things about hairstyles is the changing nature of them; you have a cool hairstyle until it is not cool anymore, and then you get a new one. But not everyone catches up with the times or has fickle taste. Ever see someone still rocking a mullet? Unless you are thinking Michael Anthony, probably not. Many hairstyles lose their popularity (some of them never looked good in the first place) and some people just keep them. Maybe it looked good back in 2001, or when you were thirty years younger, but some people are still sporting hairstyles that do not suit them anymore. There are also those people who are losing their hair and trying to cover it up with a combover. Stop pretending and just shave your head. Guess what hairstyle will look great at any age? Oh yeah, buddy… bald.  Bald, bald, bald.

This article is for all the ladies out there too. Seriously, you can shave your heads too. I know this part is a tough sell because part of what “defines” a woman is her hair, but you can do it; I believe in you. Charlize Theron, Brittany Spears, Demi Moore, Natalie Portman, and Sigourney Weaver are just a few examples of women who went bald (or really close to it), and they all looked great doing it too.

There you have it. Baldness does not require as much work as hair, it looks great at any age and it lets your scalp feel a whole new world of feelings. Going bald is scary, especially the first time, but remember, your hair will always grow back. So, take a chance and get the ultimate haircut.


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