Brazil Interterm Team

Article & Media by Courtney Murphy and Olivia Maurer

Photo by Amanda Schreder

Looking for an amazing class to take over Interterm? Do you want to study abroad? Do you love learning about different businesses and their successes? Then this trip is definitely for you. The Brazil Interterm Trip will be happening for Interterm 2018. Come and join your fellow classmates and Professors on an unforgettable trip where you get to visit several businesses and find out how they got started and their success with what they did with the business itself, try new food, enjoy being away for a little bit with friends and have a great time while doing all of this.

This is a trip you won’t want to miss. In Chapel, there were five students who participated on the trip and spoke to us this morning. Those students were Corbin Quinonez, Nicholas Schumaker, Amanda Schreder, Brooke Bryant, and Elsie Heckel. Papyrus went live to capture what the students had to say. Tune in and hear about their experiences, what they learned, their favorite memories in the video below, and how faithful God was to them throughout the whole trip.


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